Why Are You Angry

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I'm angry because my friends are dumbfucks, they're all stupid, fat, ugly losers yet they get girls and i don't. now they never want to do anything with me.

i'm angry because people are shitheads, they only care about themselves and would sell their own mother for extra cheese on a hamburger. people think i'm self centered because they never stop and listen to what i say, if they did they might learn something

because i'm a social outcast. a nerd, a goth, a mosher, a freak, a loser and teacher's pet.

i am angry because i was born

I am angry b/c people drive in the passing lane doing like 40mph and then dont get out of you way when you tailgate them fot the next 5 miles. then when you give them the finger for being such absent minded self ritious assholes they give you a look like they are shocked you just kicked their puppy

i am angry becoz this world is getting more distructive and getting worse n wild. secondly whenever i try to be good to those who is good to me but they always cheated on me and my passion.lastly i am so much angry with those red chinese who has no heart of love and compassion, only knows how to kill n torture tibetan people in tibet. FREE TIBET......

I am pissed because this chick, can't make up her FUCKING MIND!!!!!!!!!!

I'm too young to legally look at porn :|

cause my boyfriend had aids and didnt tell me for 6 yrs and then i found out i am hiv+ 2001 he thinksok see ya bye no remorse not really seeing me or helping me or anything else he owes me and i will ge the payback sooner or later

I am angry becuase I am called the antichrist by a lot of people and I can't get a boyfriend because of it!!!!!!!!! I want them to stop staring at my chest longingly and do something, for Bob's sake!!!!!! -Eli

I'm angry because everyone thinks my life is perfect. I'm angry because from the outside, it is perfect. I'm angry that I look beautiful but that in no way reflects my feelings on the inside. I'm angry that people assume I'm a snob or a bitch or have no reason to be upset just because I'm pretty. I'm angry you made me fall in love with you. I'm angry that I'm alone in this world even though I am constantly surrounded by people. I'm angry I live in a town and go to college in a town where money is the only thing that matters. I'm angry I have pretty clothes and pretty jewelry and everything I need except for happiness.

I work all day while my boyfriend sits at home on his ass playing Madden

Im Angry because im Short im a midget and Ppl hate me and im ugly and short!

my brother is gay

i am angry because i am a rogue shadow on the outskirts of society unmarried at 36 and not willing to subject myself to the oppression of the dominant paradigm, the moron majority

I wish I knew why I was angry

I am angry because I have to pretend like I am something that I am not to win friends.

I am angry because my father is an asshole! I'm angry because I'm just like him. I'm angry because I just got released from a theraputic community for my drinking problem and and now I'm bored to fucking death! I'm angry all my friends are either dead or in prison for a long time. I'm angry I can't fucking get a fucking bottle of Jack Daniels. I'm angry my mother is such a nice loving person and I would die of guilt if I relapsed! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!

The one person I could trust and feel completely at ease with physically and emotionally has found someone else. He says he wants to stay friends but I know it won't ever be the same for me. I just feel so lost now.

I'm angry because I have to go to an anonymous website to vent my true feelings.

I HATE anorexia. I hate anorexia and I have anorexia. I got over it and I was recovered for 2 whole years and now it's back and it's already destroying my life again. I'm fucking addicted to it, I love addictions and yet they ruin everything. I don't even want to lose weight... but what the fuck do I care. I'll do it anyway. And I'll smoke and drink, etc... why? Because my life is falling apart right now and I forgot how to deal with it. And I'm scared. So yeah, I'm a bit angry too.

I am angry because I am a useless white trash cunt. People are right about me. I should kill myself. I have no reason to live. I am adopted and that should tell me just what an unwanted piece of crap I am. I should have been an abortion. The only reason I haven't blown my brains out yet is because I am too loser to even do that. I hate myself. I am disgusting, useless, ugly, worthless, no good, and a waste of a life. Please, somebody kill me.

Because my dad is an asshole, i'd love to kick that retards ass.

im mad because i used to be 128 lbs before kids and now im forty lbs heavier and addicted to food.
I hate food but i love it at the same time. it wont go away, it haunts me. if i see something good i want it, left out if i dont get it, "calgon - take me away. my best friend eats every thing in sight not 1 oz goes to her hips, me i look at it, i gain. diet fail there seems to always be a reason to celebrate lately and im fed up of being afraid next week that my favorite pair of pants wont fit. dame that food. some day there should be nothing that tasts better then shit....

im angry coz all the lazy bastards in the world screwing the goverment out of money when there are people need it more and cannt get it coz of these fuckers

I'm angry for always being angry at my boyfriend. He is so wonderful to me, and yet when he forgets one little stupid thing I get so angry. It's a constant cycle and I feel horrible.

I hate my f**ckin boss. I hate this new building we're in. I hate my mood.

I am angry because I'm still alive

For starters, my biological father is a rapist, and in prison for life. My stepdad moved us to california where he beat me as a teen. My brother raped me at 17, I have been with my current husband since I was 19, and five kids later, at the age of 35 he needed a hot rod, a divorce, and moved to las vegas with his mommy and sister. To top that all off I have a degree in computer business, and nobody will give me more than 8.00 and hour because I don't have enough recent job experience because I had to be home with my high risk pregnancies, and five c-sections, Now because of those 5 babies, I have extra weight, though still very prity everybody says anyway, and have experienced discrimination in the work force.

i am angry because all these fuckheads sat on there computers while using bad grammer and telling us why the hell ur so angry here is an idea get a fucking life and do something with ur selves and stop the fucking bitching because who the hell gives a fuck!!!

I have feelings of anger towards myself, because i have a great boyfriend, and I can't seem to not be mean to him. I know I am coming off like a spoiled brat a lot of the time. It really bothers me, cuz as soon as i'm just a little sarcastic or rude to him...it unleashes this angry beast inside me that just makes me super mean to him.....and i have a lot of trouble stopping. I can't get out of my bad attitude once it hits. Then i feel really guilty. And I'm angry because of this dumb cycle. Yes, he's not perfect, he's not an angel all the time. But overall he has treated me really well. And i give him a lot of credit for even staying with me and my angry self.

I'm really pissed that my co-worker constantly smells like ass. It gives me a huge fucking headache. I fabreze her fat ass office chair at the beginning of the work day while she's grabbing a doughnut. I wonder if she has friends smelling like that? I don't care, shit... she smells! I even went to Human Resources, and they just laughed. Fuck knobs.

i am angry bcuz i am horny as hell and i cant get any..FUCK!!!

I am angry because I can't walk down the street without someone flicking me shit about my hair, clothes, or skateboard. I am angry because I want a better world for my children. I am angry because everyone tries to change me. I am angry because no one is willing to change themselves. I am angry because change is not happening. I am angry because people believe they can make the world a better place by judging, hating, and locking away those different that themselves. I am angry because this entire world can't get over God, Death, greed, and vanity. I am angry because everyone preaches, but never practices. I am angry because no one is willing to seriously talk about politics without issuing death threats. I am angry because our youth today listens to bigots and sexist perverts with wads of cash and no message and they get called "inspirations". I am angry because the music I listen to is shunned for false accusations.

I'm extremely angry because I have a couple who had a daughter, 18 yrs,. old just like my son, lived across the street from my mother's house where I grew up , who just committed suicide on July 1st, 2003. She told her parents she was tired of her life and didn't want to be here anymore. I remember my mother telling me back in 2001 that she was depressed and didn't know why! Now she's dead! So young, full of life, why can't parents do more , silent more, and just do just about anything to save their child or children? She was crying out for god sake!!!!!!! I'm so damn angry and so hurt that she did this.

I am sexually liberated person and the person I chose to shaare the reast of my life with is not.
they dont even try to entertain my ideas. I have to "force" them to try new and different things. I see all these younger people liberated. when I was thier age we (people I was able to accoiate with) werent so liberated. Example? Went to hs prom (shaperone) all the guys were dancing. Im my day and others before me guys didnt dance women usually had to beg men to dance. OK Ill play, Why? well the women were bent over grinding them selves on the mens crotches. this wasnt in a sexualy advanced state like California (a "judgement?" I learned earler in my life) no this wasnt a racial thing it was students of all races. in Delaware of all places.

it angers me that I have settled. should I have waited around for that perfect person? no probably not. but I wish the one I was with would try to change for me alittle bit. I try to change for them. and do!

it angers me that I have not been "found". I want to be reconised for my Ideas. and from/for that recieve what I want.

im angry that my wife makes all the money and I cant buy what I want. Im angry that she buys crap. Im angry when I give her a hard time for it I get even more sh*t.

im angry at my wife for making me ware boxers so we can have a baby (I get all sweaty and iritated briefs wick the sweat away). when she cant even try to turn me on when trying to have a baby. a baby should be a product of out love for each other not "roll on".

I am angry because anger controls my decisions.

I'm a chicken shit coward I worry all the time about myself! i cant talk straight i think too much about what im saying and to whom, how will i sound to them, i'm afraid to get hurt and to hurt others, i hate this kind of self control. i dont feel free. i dont smile a lot. i'm pissed off!!!

I'm angry because I can't control my anger, and I'm affraid I might say or do something to hurt someone I love.... like I have in the past.

i was born angry

I finally opened my HEART up to a guy. He made me feel like a beautiful goddess for 4 weeks. Wednesday we made love. I called the next day, then the next...That jackass blew off all of my messages and didn't even have the decency to dump me. Yes Ladies, THESE MEN DO EXIST!

I am angry because everyone i meet just wants to fuck me about, i havent had a girlfiend in a yr an a half, my school seems to tink its a good idea to make me feel stupid, no matter how clever i am. I am angry because my best friend is joining the army and i might not see him for a verl long time, i am angry because i got to an all boys school, and dont have any girls as friends. I am angry because no matter how hard i try i cant be popular.

im angry becous the only thing that keeps me from ripping out my guts is playing music idont no how many bands iv been in the last to years every body has some problem to lazy to buzy my brother killed himself i have no freinds i live with my grandma who thinks im gay because i dont have a girl frend every one i no is adicted to drugs i hate drugs i havnt played my drums in 7 days becouse my getar player has disapears he os me 240 bucks all i want out of life is to play the fastest thrashyest music ever y cant i have this one thing my gplayer is a punk ass bitch and is scared to face me he doesnt no i just want to rock i wont smash his face

I'm angry because my asshole girlfrien has gone and fucking cheated... AGAIN... i wanna kill her, but she is so fucking clever, she makes me feel sorry for her then i take her back again. Man i hate that bitch...

I am angry because I am suffering from a disease called psoriatic arthritis. It affects my fingers and toes, and lately I have also started getting worried that my knees are inflamed as well. There's no cure, only different ways of postponing the process of deterioration through the use of medication with possibly severe side effects. It fucks me up because the pain disturbs my enjoyment of the present moment and makes me lose sight of all my own positive qualities and potentials. It is so fucking unfair. Have someone who doesn't care about life in the first place get this stupid disease instead! I am lucky enough to have a wonderful girlfriend, but I am afraid that if the disease progresses and disables me further she won't want to stay with me any longer. She's says she will but I don't know whether to believe her or not and it all makes me so sad and pissed off.

I am angry because I have not one single thing to do ever! All my friends have children, and do not have the freedom that I have so they can't do things. My boyfriend is always working and doesn't share all of my interests. I am angry because I am soooooooooooooo bored!

i am angry because my life is an endless repetitive roller coaster ride.

I am angry because it is all I know. Sure, I had the awful childhood. I watched my mother get beaten, I watched my mother beat my siblings and myself, I watched my brother and sister destroy any chance at a normal life trying to escape these feelings, and I watched myself destroy myself. But that cannot be blamed on society, my family or the media. I am angry because I am weak. I am angry because I am addicted to sympathy and therefore ruin any interaction with other people by trying to demonstrate what an able victim I am. See these scars, world? These are not badges of honor, these are not testaments to my perseverance in the face of hardships, these are stress fractures from creating my own cage and smashing myself against it. I am angry because I am selfish

I am angry deep down and I cant place exactly why. Maybe it was my upbringing, of having to be the perfect son, or having parents who taught me it was not good to show anger. Whatever the fuck it is, I feel anger and the more I think about it, the more I get angry.

my girlfriend is a fake. everything shes told me is shit. shes told me how her friends died and shit... its bolox. i hate her.

i'm angry that my childish ass roommate is always bringing
people in my house in the middle of the night. i,m so angry
that she has no respect for my house or my privacy.
sometimes i want to beat the shit out of her and throw
her out on her ass for being such a parasite. you fucking leach!

Im so fucking pissed off at my school and every single fucking ass hole that looks down on me and dont want to speak to cos of my hair or who i hang out with, most girls fucking ignore me cos im not exactly an ideal weight, my so called mates and guys who can get chicks, im not even that fat for fucks sake look at those fat ass americans, every one who says, 'hey ross stop talking 2 that girl shes mine' or 'haha ur never gonna get a girl' i just wanna fucking punch them in the face and humiliate them!!! i w ant to cut them up and kick the shit out of their mates who try and gang up on me, the teachers fuking make no atempt to help me, they just have to fucking yell and swear at me, theyre on a fucking power trip, i wana smash their teeth in with my base ball bat in front of the class, im pissed of with neds and jocks sniggering and pointing at me for haveing scruffy long hair, FUCK U ITS MY HAIR, I AINT GONNA SHAVE IT OF, FUKING DROWN IT IN GLUE AND LOOK LIKE SUM FUKING POP

I am angry because when I was little, my dad use to scare the shit out of me, yelling and screaming at all the little thing I did wrong, now I'm afraid to talk to new people, like one of the most important things to a guy....women. I'm very unconfident, all because of one of my insensitive family members, I know some people have it worse, but there is a little pit of feeling in the back of my mind built of hate,sadness,happiness, and mostly lonlyness, that never gets released, and always tags along with me, no matter what I'm doing, where I'm at, who I'm talking too, and it is just whelmed all through my body, not like pain, but it's so annoying. I've talked to the few people I know, and they don't understand what so ever. My dad doesn't think it's his fault, but it is. Don't give me that chemical inbalance shit, it's not that, it's the mistreatment I've been recieving for the past 15 years. Good grades.....who gives a damn, I save somebodys life.........who gives a damn. S

I am fucking angry bc my mom ruined my life. She used to beat the crap out of me then i got away and got married just to get away from her. I am in debt b/c she registered me wrong and now i can't go to any college till i pay that off and im fucking broke and can't get a job in this small town i moved to. Im angry b/c my sister is still stuck there and i can't get her out for a year. Im also fucking angry b/c my hubby is a fucking loser who isn't gonna let me leave unless i cheat or something. he uses guilt shit on me. Im also angry b/c i discovered thats this other guy that i really wanted and wanted me wont talk to me b/c of something as petty as politics, fucking control freak always cuts me off and punishes me.fucking asshole. most of all for my emotionally disturbed codependent mom who put me through hell all my life and through the guilt trips i would like to beat her face in w/ a fucking hammer and watch her bleed to death. i dream of this alot.

I'm angry because my mother is a homophobic bitch who called me "disgusting" and hates my girlfriend.


I am angry because life is unfair and because death seems to come randomly without consideration of who good a person is, I'm angry because evil people get rich while decent people stay poor. I'm angry because I don't understand why many ignorant and prejudiced people seem happy while many intelligent and compassionate people seem sad. I'm angry because depression has caused my life to be an endless struggle financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm angry because it took doctors 40 years to figure out that I'm bi-polar and put me on the right medication. I'm angry that I have to take medication to function properly. I'm angry that my mother was in a car accident that caused brain damged that has landed her in a nursing home for the rest of her natural life. I'm angry that one of my best friends died the day before Christmas Eve last year, and I didn't get to see her before her sudden unexpected departure due to a heart attach. Well...I could go on, but!

my bestfriend fucked my man on my wedding day. that bitch is going to get her ass kicked

i am angry so just fuck off

Grr. Being a teen can be so hard.

why cant just everyone SHUT UP..!!!!!! and leave me alone one minute?? stop asking why are you so sad? why dont you go to school? why are you so angry? leave me !!! let me rest in peace!. its not too much im asking for, isnt it????

I am mad becuse I'm fucking my german teacher.

I am angry because a girl that i have liked and i think even been in love with for a long time will not return any of that love to me....she always is hard to read and when we connect she all of the sudden pulls some completely shady ass shit and fucks everything up. I have never been so angry in my life i think that this is that last time and things will never be the same again i am tired of being hurt all because i was stupid and fell in love with someone that doesnt seem to love me in return why do girls have to go for assholes instead of nice guys. I would like to take every asshole in the world and completely fuck them up real bad so they know how much pain they make for nice guys so if your an asshole let me know because i'd love to break your legs.

It is my girlfriend of 3 years that is angry at me. I admitted to having naughty thoughts about another woman who works with me. I thought it was nothing but innocent, but she is now quesioning the foundations of our relationship. I want to marry her and I am scared that her anger will ruin a wonderful relationship. I've never cheated, or eventhought about it seriously. I merely had sexual thoughs. I do not know what to do and am really broken up over the whole thing. I would never have thought that she would have reacted thus. Oh well, I have nowhere else to turn but to an annonamous post. I am also angry at the New England Patriots for not actively persuing another running back.

I am angry because I feel unappreciated by almost everyone, at work, at home. I am so down. I wish for one day everyone would be true to everyone around them and not be so PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am pissed of cos i battered a girl named megan by hittin her ead on a pavement cos she kicked me in my stomach. now i am gettion blamed 4 it. also a few weeks back she hit me so i hit her back, i mean im not gunna stand there an let a fukin bitch (an midget)hit me, so i hit her back an battered her an (well i wacked her once an she started cryin[wimp])an once agen i get the fuckin blame. i want her dead!

I am angry because of the unnessecary bloodshed which has plauged this world. If I could kill a few of the guilty in order to save a majority of the innocent, I would. However, the guilty are (for the most part) sheltered from accountability by legal shields and unjust laws. What I really want is institutional change, which CAN HAPPEN. Hold out for this world, it will get better unless it chokes first.

I'm 19 years old. Since the age of six I've had the worst time in school. I've been to 8 different schools while still living in the same house, I didn't pass the 8th grade, I have yet to get my diploma, I've never gotten a reportcard with more than C's and D's, Teachers hate me, bullies hunt me, an there's always a surprise around every corner that gives me yet more trouble in school. Since I was 13 years old, I've had a severe case of an incurable skin disease called ecxema. Sometimes the itching and burning is so bad I can't even sleep. Taking a shower can be one of the most painful tasks of the day for me. I've spent hundreds if not thousands on creams, ointmens, and lotions. Havn't had a girlfriend in a few years so now my mom thinks I'm gay. I have no car cause I'm too poor. I just got a job that pays dick. I'll be 21 before i canafford a car or a place of my own and it'll probably be one or the other. Everyone (including my mom) makes fun of me. My teeth are! crooked.

I'm angry because I am surrounded by a bunch of Jesus Freaks. The biggest fucking hypocrites and backstabbing liars the world has ever known. Why do they always have that glazed over look in their eyes? My best friend Jonny's wife asked him for a divorce, then the whole church turned their backs on HIM. He's not a loser bible thumper anymore. THANK GOD!

Because my ex who cheated on me is so happy and loves life, while I am still trying to get over our 4 year relationship. She is so pi headed that I bet she doesnt ever think about what she left behind, but I am trying to move on with this life that is in pieces. It makes me angry that she moved on so wuickly, and im sitting here hurt, alone and pissed off with life.

hillbilly bitches deserve to be ass raped

I am so angry that if wrote everything I was angry about, I would be at this computer for days, and it upsets me even more that I am so pissed so much insurmountable bullshit.

I am angry because between my inconsiderate roommates, my insane ex-girlfriend, and the golf course near me being mowed at the crack of dawn, the only way I can have 7-8 uninterrupted hours of sleep is if I get really hammered or take sleeping pills. I slept better in college, and I was an engineering student!!!

I am angry because so many of my fellow US citizens cannot or just plain refuse to understand the concept of an international community. No matter how powerful we are, we are not the only nation in the world.

Im angry cos of all the bullshit that the US and UK are sending us over this whole "crusade in IRAQ". Its not that, its fucking murder. Bush is a hypocrite saying that Saddam is evil and shouldn‚t b in power considering that he fucked the system himself 2 gain power. Don‚t believe a word of what the US and UK army's are telling you. CNN is as evil as them. Read "Stupid White Men", "the culture of fear", and "September 11"(by norm tronstky) and watch "bowling for columbine" and see the real side of the world. Show these so called 'leaders' that we are not going to be a worker in their fucked system

this is how I got out of anger: just focus on good things and when you wake up in the morning don't think of the negetive and slowly the bad stuff goes a way. It's like a war with the devil- who is always happy to take over.
Look out side- the sun is shining -Smile, might not be there tomorow.

The one thing about women that pisses me off is that they never ask us guys why. They just assume that we guys aren't doing something because of what they read in Vogue or Cosmopolitan, which were written by women. No wonder why they act so stupid around us guys.

Im angry cause i have been with my boyfriend for over 2yrs and he has a low sex drive and wont go see a doctor about it!!

My boss has tremendous expectations that cannot be met but he still demands

I'm angry because i'm fat and everybody else in my family can eat eat eat and stay completely thin while i eat healthfully and weigh a ton.

I'm angry because I've had my liscence for five months now and can't even drive 'cause I have no insurance. I can't pay

I'm angry because today two store clerks (in different stores) thought I was shoplifting! I have never shoplifted! Just
because I'm a teenager with pink hair everybody thinks I'm some kind of addict or theif.

I am angry because our country hates France for not supporting our government in war. I commend France's government for standing up for they think is right, even though it has made them so unpopular. Besides, it's not like the French people nescesarily shared their government's views, they had no choice in the matter. Why should they be punished for their government's actions, they had no choice. Just like we American people had no choice whether we went to war or not.

I am so angry that the harem died out about a hundred years ago and super-model
women are not cloned and sold on eBay yet! I mean come on! This is the
21st century already! What the hell are those nerdy scientists doing with
all the funding they get? You think they secretly cloned Laetitia costa
and just hogging up the clones for themselves, those bastards?

i want head

im angry because tomorrow morning im gonna wake up and be pissed

I'm angry because this whole world is crazy, the world needs to start PRAYING,GOING TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY, LOOKING UP TO GOD ON A DAILY BAIS.

I am angry because everyone in my hometown called me a slut and shit and I'm NOT a slut. I'm angry because there stupid ugly boyfriends would hit on me and then the girl would get all pissed at me. I never brought any of this on! I never flirted with them! I'm angry because now i live in a different town and I try to have friends but I have not one. I'm angry because I have to cover my incredible body with long tee shirts and jeans because I look too sexy in girly clothes and only guys pay attention to me. I'm angry because after years of being called a slut and whore, I cant even bring myself to dress like an pretty girl because of what other girls will say to me and what guys will think. I'm angry cuz I havent left my apt in like 6 months and I'm angry because i havent had a friend in 4 years, even though if you get to know me I am a funny, caring, loyal person.

I'm angry because my boyfriend spent $550 on crack yesterday and now were going to have to pawn something to pay the rent thats due this week! Im pissed cuz he makes $45 an hour at work and we cant save anything because were crackheads!
And the stupid bank wont let us have an account there so we definatly cant save anything because if there is a couple of thousand dollars a crackhead is sitting on, youd better believe he wont be sitting on it long

Im angry because the girl i was going out with for the past year (and who i love more than everything) is incompatable with me and unwilling to give me a second chance. I love her so much, but she doesnt love me anymore, and she knew all along that it was "just a highschool relationship". she never told me that untill we broke up. im a senior, and she's only a sophomore, so i should've never expected her to really love me. but im angry that she doesnt even understand true love, and she's totally happy now, a mere month later. Im still destroyed and it's really really hard to get over, and she's happy. im so angry. she needs to understand just how much it hurts...

I am angry for being an idiot for marrying...a pothead self centered ASSHOLE....thinks of his drums and pot...most of his waking hour...and having sex with me for five minutes of his time...I am neglected and SICK OF IT....MR. RIGHT...is going to come along....you don't want to be around him...when he runs out of pot...he doesn't intend to run out..but it happens when his pothead friend....forgets to bring ASSHOLES bag to work with him..I have no mercy for potheads and drunks.....they can't face reality..so they smoke and drink and screw up their kids lives/minds and their wives...they don't deserve a FAMILY.....

I am angry because my friends have got fucked up parents! my friend since fouth grade's mom had her when she was fuckin' THIRTEEN!!! My other friends come to school with buises from where their parents got high or drunk and beat them! Fuck all you drunkards and curs who beat their kids!!! I am angry cuz my best friend has my perfect match, too!!! I'm angry cuz her dad loves HER!!! She was fuckin' LITTLE MISS AMERICA!!!! She's perfect! SO, WHY THE HELL AIN'T I?!?!?! I'm mad cuz everybody thinks I'm a yankee or a Brit! I'm a SOUTHERNER FOR CRIPES SAKE!!!! I'm mad cuz if I tell someone that I am a southerner, they drop my IQ by 40 points automaticaly! What the HELL'S with that?!?!

I dont know why am angry I just always am if someone says some thing wrong i blowup an start punching walls and other stuff. I am in many fight at school and teachers cant do shit about my anger. Fuck even thinking about it is pissing me off

i am angry because i introduced my ex to the whole afterhours scene and now i cant even go out to a club without seeing somebody she fucked while we were together.

Damn Pizza Hut won't take a damn $50 bill for delivery. FUCK!

i am angry cuz this world sux and nothing ever goes right

I'm angry becouse I have stayed with my dumb ass girl friend for a year now, spent christmas with her and she has thrown me out of her house for saying fuck Christmas and kicking the christmas tree. I'm really angry at the tax that I have to pay and my phone company are ripping me off. Orange are shit. Fuck the goverment and all the rest of the satan sperm sucking industries poluting the planet with there evil. CUNTS.

I am angry because I am a nice, dedicated friend and everyone treats me like shit. I have a really nice friend for a while and then he/she goes and backstabs me so they can be "popular". Fucking assholes. Is popularity more important than a real friend who loves you? Those popular dipshits with their heads up their asses don't give a damn about you! They only care about their own worthless skin. So I'm not popular, so what? Maybe after highschool things will change. Which I doubt. Since the older someone is the farther they seem to stick their head up their ass. I am also sick of people saying "gay is okay, its just an alternate lifestyle." No, its fucking not! It goes against the word of God. (Don't tell me there's not a God. Go to hell you damn unbelievers.) If everything was gay we'd all die out! Damn idiots, girls and guys were meant to have sex, not guys and guys or girls and girls. Thanks for listening to my bitching.

Recently I left someone I really loved, just because I was really angry with them. Now, I really, really miss them, but now they're mad at me too in return, and I don't see a way out of it. Be slow to show anger, it can really can mess you up if you're too hasty to walk out. I'll have to leave it in God's hands. I seem to break everything I touch lately...

I am angry because people think I'm gay. I'm not gay and never will be because I like girls. I don't know why people say that, but it's destroying my life. I'm still in my 20's and try to work as much as I can. Even though I am still made fun of, I'm still controlling my anger by acting like a kid. It helps alot even though some workers think of it as strange. I suppress my anger that much because that's how much anger I'm actually holding. This time, I can fight and much stronger than I was 4 years ago. This time I will prove that I will not be made fun of again. If someone took me over the edge, I will release all my anger. I've been angry before, but I never went fully becuase I didn't want to hurt anyone. I am a 20 year old male trying to make a living to a better job, years later; try to have a wife and several kids, and be a father that I never had. I'm a nice guy, a fast learner, even though bad at remembering, but will always try my best.

i'am angry because, i have to be perfect all the time, no matter where i am, i HAVE to be perfect, perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect body, always having the 1st place... i growing tired of been superwoman and iam only 16!! why do every body spects something about me..!!!! i cant ...no no more, but i cant stop it, all my life i have somebody telling me how a perfect girl i am..but they dont know how hard it is to be like this, cry while i do exercise to have a nice body, or when i cry because i too tired to continue studing, but i still have good grades and i am the 1st, and even when i'm not nice to everyone, they say "she have a character" soo that meen i am smart, i speack spanish!!i learn english, who know where.. i sholdnt be talking other languages ... i wish there was a place in spanish where i could say all i wanted, but again... i can do it.. its english, i learn it, so why not use it?? you see?? i make myself superwoman...but again..iam !
only 16..

Im angry because someone (my neighbors broke in to my house just before christmas. My favorite time of the year is forever changed. Im praying very hard for forgiveness, but it's hard.

I wanted to tell some girl I admired her because she was the only person I thought was really honest about everything. I really value honesty. I acted strangely around her while I was plucking up the courage to tell her, and she jumped to the conclusion that i wanted to say i 'fancied her',and e-mailed to tell me she didn't like me 'in that way'. we still talked face to face afterwards but i could never say what i really meant. Damn it stings everyday and years afterwards i still feel the need to tell her.

I am angry because the man i have loved for the pass 5 years tells me he has a girlfriend an is engaged to her. I am angry because i met him first. Im mad because he gave me hope about him being with me. I love him and i hate him so much.I hate myself for still being the fukkin idiot and still letting him come over and have sex with me.I hate him for having such a great dick and torturing me if i dont have it. I hate him for not loving me. i hate myself for having low self esteem.......i hope his dick falls out.

I am so damn angry because I chose to break up with my ex because he could not stop harrassing and abusing me. There are so many guys who want to date me now but I am damn scared of history repeating itself at the same time I do not want any sexual relationships as yet and it seem as if this is something they are all after. They can not keep their hands of me especially my legs most of them have commented are pretty sexy. I am so lonely but at the same time I do not want to date anyone whose intention is to sleep with me . I am so damn confused and live one day at a time but angry with AIDS angry with my ex for ruining my feeling towards opposite sex and just damn and fucking agry coz poeople seem not to undderstand why I can not just start dating anyone staraight away it is so so hard.

if we keep up the way this society is going there is going to be mass destruction because no matter how much change happens it is not going to make any difference because this world is too far gone . it sickens me to think that all the future generations are stuck inheriting this screwed up mess . if it was up to me i would blow up this planet and get it over with so that there would be no more suffering because were not going to do anything to make it better. with the way things are going there is going to be a revolution right around the corner. ill leave it at that.

im mad at fucking anything that breaths fuck all u cocksucking fagats fuck all u women who u are to important to get down on your knees and suck fuck fucking everybody dont leave me out i hate all u so we should all fucking die

i am goddamned fucking upset because my yellow guts pussy ass boyfriend just can't let go of the fact that,yes,i fucked around on him while he was away at college, and yes,it was with my ex, also his best friend. so what? i was lonely, and so sorry for breaking your miserable heart, you little sneaky chickenshit asshole. maybe if you hadn't been fucking around with my stuff and reading my diary you wouldn't have had your bleeding pussy heart broken. serves you fucking right for invading my privacy, cocksucker. you throw it in my face one more goddamned time, i'll fuckin kill you. see if i don't, scumbag.

I am at work, go figure.

I am angry at anger.

fuckin stupid co workers suck.... you all work with at least one of them, the I am a complete moron you are forced to work with type AND I HATE THEM!!! CAN'T WE GET THEM ALL EMPLOYED AT THE SAME PLACE INSTEAD OF SPREADING THEM OUT AMONGST THE MORE ENLIGHTENED WORKING CLASS???

I am Angry because my Dad fucking died and left me when I was ten and because when he was alive he made my childhood hell. He was a cranky selfish mean asshole who never told me he loved me and I cant even remember getting a cuddle. Thanks Dad for nothing, thanks to you I have screwed up emotional responses in all my relationships...great!

I am angry because a man I really liked has been nothing but a lying friggin asshole trying to dangle me on an emotional string, well guess what Dick head @#$! You, if you cant treat people with a bit of respect then thats your problem. A friggin pathetic game player thats what you are!!! I am also mega angry at myself for not reading the signals and letting you do that to me.

I wish I fucking knew why I'm so fucking angry so I could get the fuck over it already!!! If I dwell on it long enough I come up with reasons that's for fucking sure!! I hate my life I hate myself I hate how helpless I feel. It's way beyond angry don't know if there is a strong enough word fury? rage? close. do I want to sit on the fucking poor me committee? No not really. Oh the petty grievances I have stored up! I think I'm angriest at my fucking conscience that won't let me act on how infuriated I feel!!! FUCK!!! I feel a serious need to do some damage and I FUCKING CAN'T!!!! because of course nice girls don't. I'm sick to death of being nice!!! I want to be a hateful hated spiteful mean bitch .. the bitch wants to come out and play!!! yeah like I'd EVER let that happen! even that pisses me the fuck off!!! I want to do something drastic and extreme I want people to cower in the face of how fucking pissed off I am! Can't even let on to anyone I know that I'm this fucking angry they'd irritate me with their fucking concern and their fucking platitudes!! Looks like I'm stuck with it. No escape no respite. I'm so fucking pissed off about that too!!! I failed suicide 101 twice now I'm a fucking coward - too scared of failing yet again to give it another go. I am so fucking stuck here on this planet in this life! Wish a sudden fatal accident would befall me. See? Fucking coward! Can't even do it myself. I don't want to be here. I'm pissed that I live and must continue to do so until further notice. The rant felt good. The anger is worse now though. Worse than ever. but hey at least I'm in touch with my feelings right? What the fuck ever. Enough already.

To tell you the truth ,i've been a nurse for almost 20 years,and what pisses me off are family members of residents! we bathe,feed medicate, and wipe the asses of your 'loved ones" and it seems the only time we hear anything from some families is during the holidays or when you see fit to call and check on " mom" when you happen to be out of town and
usually it's on a friday night about 11:00PM. Don't get pissed at us because it's dayt wo of mom's decision not to eat or drink, after all she happens to be 95 , is on anti-biotics for pneumonia,and has a history of strokes, if you'll take a deep breath and lookobjectively you'll probably see maybe she is tired of life and doesn't want to live in a state where her quality of life is less than desirable for her, we will do everything possible to sustain her, but sometimes there are things we have no control of.and BTW please don't call screaming and bitching somethings got to be done when it's after 11:00PM on a friday
when you had all fucking week to call, because ain't nothin' gonna happen, unless there's an emergency

Finals week is coming up and I haven't studied one bit. I really need to but I am never in the mood. I need to get my ass in gear. SHIT.

why are women bitches when thier with thier friends and ok when thier not

I am angry because my best friend of 13 years just betrayed me.

I am angry because my mom always tells me what to do. Today I was supposed to get some blank CDs for my burner when she tells me to clean some crap my brother tore up. I was in the middle of something important and told her to hold on. She then says I dont like your attitude and tells me she wont by the Cds i desperately need. I tell I will buy the myself and she starts saying she can tell me if i can or can't go buy something. That is it.

Why can't things ever last? Just a month ago, I was on top of the world, completly loving life. It never stays that way. I always have to fall off and then things are rotten. Then they get better for awhile, but then it get's bad again. The seniors tell me enjoy it now, it's all downhill from here. But life is always going downhill. It's good for a few days but just when you think you've found it all and it couldn't get any better, that's when it happens, it all ends and you are back to being miserable. I'm afraid to get happy or excited about anything. It will just crumble beneath my feet a few days later. None of my friends are as close as we were just weeks ago. I don't know what's happening. It's all too fast to even think about and I can't keep up. I liked it the way it was. I didn't take a single day for granted and I thanked God for them all. So why did it have to end? Why am I back to this? My birthday coming up won't even be worth celebrating.

I am upset by my boyfriends continual lack of courtesy. He says I need to lighten up. Well, this is not easy to do. I was looking forward to seeing him last night. Fine that he can't come over. I would have prefered knowing this early as I had things to do, but did not do them as he was to appear. So instead at 9:30pm I went to get my furniture and at 10pm built it. Because I can! Then today, at 5:04pm he tells me he is not bringing the dinner that was to come as a great treat that I looked forward to all day. I went fabric shopping because I thought I didn't have to worry about dinner. Instead I arrived home with an energetic 4 year old and had to prepare a meal and amuse her. So I wondered why he could not have mentioned his not coming an hour earlier.

been married 19 yrs and have 2 teenagers. what have i done? unleashing all this hatred on the world? Kids hate me, hate eachother, hate themselves, hate thier dad. Thier dad hates me, seems like he hates the kids too. me i'm the family slave, we all work or do school, i'm still the slave. I hate me for being such a t**t; 19 years what a waste.

I'm angry because i want to quit my job, because i can't stand it! I get treated like shit there, people think im stupid and don't know what im doing because im blonde, and i look younger than i really am, im 17 and they think im like 15 yrs old. Its always the same days too, and it ruins my plans with my friends, 'nope i cant go over to ur house to sleep over cuz i have to work tomorrow at 9!' GOD! Like what the fuck? My mom doesnt want me to quit, since she got me the job from her friend and she always complains that i quit everything. Maybe i quit everything MOM because u wanted me to do the job, just like how u wanted me to do piano which i cant stand, and im glad thats over with! If your so upset about me quitting the job why the hell don't u take my job for me!

peer presure

I am so freakin angry because my stupid husband ran up the bill so bad now we are going bankrupt and I have to give my car back to the bank. No, this isn't the first time we have gone bankrupt it's the second and we are in our ealy thirties. I have the best car in the world. It makes me feel young, cute and it's the only thing I ever got to pick out that he bought. Ever since I was little I wanted a VW Bug and so finally I got one. NOW I have to give it back and drive some stupid $900 car with no brakes and probably rips in the stinkin seats. While some jerk will walk off with my car and not appreciate it. I worked hard for all the money he has spent. I deserve my car. But as usual. I end up with nothing!!!!!

I just realised that my boyfriend resembles my mother's personality! Since I've broke up with him, my mother and himself has been scheming behind my back ways to get me back together with him! I'm so confused and angry. I don't know what to do.

I'm angry because my best friend takes advantage of me and pays back other people she's borrowed money from, but seems to forget about me. I'm angry because my boyfriend is starting to blow me off, so I'm going to not keep my phone on tonight and make the fucker worry about where I am when I don't show up where I said I was going to be. They can all kiss my @$$.

my parents always fight!

i am so pissed off that i cant have a say in my own house. i cant even decorate my own house because my mother in laws shit is everywhere and there is so much of it that there are boxes all over the house. she always makes us late whenever we go anywhere. she makes the house smell like dog food with the cooking. she has a stupid ****ing cat that sheds hair and howls all day. she always invites her grandaughter over on the weekend who screams my ear off and is sooo spoilt rotten it makes me want to barf.

I hate this fucking life, All i hear every fucking day is:
" you aint shit, i'm your momma listen to me"
" Or i will call your dad and you know what happens then"
That's all i hear every fucking and im always doing what that bitch want,
Becouse im scared of my fucking dad, Im scared that he will hit me again,
And the fucking teachers at school asking me why im so mad at everything,
And my answer is That my fucking dad has been beating me every fucking day,
My family hates me and i hate my self and this fucking world,
fuck god,fuck him and fuck him hard ...

I am angry because I want to kill people but haven't done it...yet. I feel a deep resentment for everyone. I do so want to inflict pain and suffering on them. I want the last moments of their lives to be sheer hell for them. It will feel so good to sink the knife in or pull the trigger and watch the life leave their bodies. They will have a look of terror and pain in their eyes during the final few seconds. I shall not let that bother me; I shall think about all the terror and pain they have caused others during their lives and in that context, watching their demise shall be especially sweet.

I am so pissed at the government. I have had it up to here with being taxed for every fucking thing. I pay 52cents of every dollar I get to some form of government or another. What do I get in return? BULLSHIT...I have a Prime Minister who is a complete fucking moron. The asshole does not even remotely identify with the peasants who keep him in the lap of luxury while we slave away to pay for basic things like food and gas to get to work. Its fucking ridiculous that we all take it up the ass on a daily basis just so some cocksucker can sit in his palace and count the coins collected from the masses. I have fucking had it. I am gonna snap. I think I'll go work at the post office

Why the fuck can't people just leave me alone sometimes and stop fucking asking me 'what's wrong? Are you ok?' Just fuck off and stop bloody hassling me you fucking fucks

I am angry because I am stuck in the past and I cant get close to any other bloke because my ex treated me so badly. I want love and attention like i used to get but how can i get that if i dont turst anyone anymore? I need a 'life' make over

I'm so fuckin' angry with all those asshole terrorists. They've so lost the plot on life. How sick is it to mess up a person so much that they go and strap a bomb to their chest to blow up hundreds of people "in the name of..."

I am mad because I treat my girlfriend like gold, and she treats me like I am inferior.... Are there any decent women out there that don't have some kind of hatered of men beacuse of things that have happened to them in the past... Why me..

I'm pissed at men. What the fuck are they good for anyway? They're too fuckin' stupid to realize that they're selling away the only precious thing they own in a stupid little jar. When the sperm banks are full, maybe we can get rid of these assholes! And the 5 minute contribution they bring in the bedroom is pathetic. Rabbits take longer! And second of all, they think their lives are sooo hard. Well boohoo! So fucking what! They don't lift a fuckin' finger to help with the housework and the kids. They just go out, work, and come home. So bloody WHAT!!! Women do the same fuckin' thing, AND THEN SOME!! They can't multitask if their lives depended on it. They can't understand how fuckin' hard it is to be a woman in this day in age. You gotta be strong, you gotta be slim, you gotta be pretty, you gotta compete with the big boys, you gotta be logical, YOU CAN'T BE A FUCKIN' WOMAN!!! And why don't you try bleeding every friggen month and cramping over, or pulling a Cabbage Patch doll out of your nose...

First, I'll start out with my mom. Mom, ever since I was 11 I learned to hate you, and that you'd never change. You're still the same as I type this, you just try to push your love on me even more so. Well, guess what? You can hug me all you want, but I still think you're a shithead. Way to go with cancelling my health insurance. I'll remember not to get sick this year or any year thereafter. Seeing as I have NO FUCKING JOB or anything that even resembles medical coverage. So, once more thanks, you scum-sucking bitch. Next comes my grandma. When I was younger, you were alright. But then again, I was naive. It took me a while to realize you were on the top 10 list for the cheapest women in America. She ate a bagel off the floor today. I dropped it and it landed butter-side-down on the carpet. Then scolded me for trying to throw it away. Cheers to carpet mights and gaul-bladder stones. Fucking miser. If you don't have money, then she doesn't care about you. She's also an immense airhead. She can kiss my ass cause on my way out of her house I'm spitting in her face. She's lucky I don't choke her. Sometimes, I'm glad I don't own a gun. Cause those two would already be casualties. Next.. and these are the ones that REALLY FUCKING PISS ME OFF are the friends that CALL ME FOR NO GOOD REASON. Actually. There's only one friend who does this, and I'm sure she knows exactly who she is. She leaves voicemail.. POINTLESS VOICE-MAIL or messages on MY GRANDMA'S machine. Not my machine. MY GRANDMA'S. Almost always. Like I have nothing better to do than check that shit to hear absolutely nothing important. And by the way? TALK LIKE A NORMAL FUCKING PERSON, you freak. And don't call unless you have something important to tell me. There. I've ranted about the only 3 people who piss me off and I'm still aggravated. Wonderful. And none of those 3 will probably ever get to read this. I think that makes me even more mad. I'm tired of this place and I'm tired of these people. I need to get the fuck out of here before I slit my wrists or poison myself. I can't even think straight. I just want to kick her teeth in.

my fucking bitch best friend is throwing her life away for a fucking guy who is a dick to me and everyone else is completely and totally emotionally abusive to her and has her whipped but also has her thinking she has him whipped. She has given up all of her fucking dreams to start a life with this guy and they're not even out of fucking high school yet. What a dumb ass. You know what his fucking big aspiration is???? Hmm...welll it's a toss up between tatoo artist and car factory worker, gee the options, she's saving up her fucking part time job money so they can buy fucking appliances and have a fucked up starving artist feel sorry for me because i'm poor but it's all ok because we have each other even though you are using me to feel better about yourself and you've cut me off from all of my friends and my entire life so that i can work and give up my dreams to support your sorry artistic ass life and i know i'm going to wind up dropping out of college and life and get pregnant because of you

i can't get laid. I CAN'T GET LAID and when i tell people i'm angry because i can't get laid they think i'm a slut. why can't women be horny? i'm angry because society is so goddamned repressed a girl has to be embarrased about masturbating when she can't get laid.

Im pissed because I went to a party anbd my girlfriend's house last night and some dick started a fight and when my girlfriend kicked them out he said "eat a dick you fucking bitch" so of course then I had to get involved and then like a puss I didnt kick the shit out of him, like i should have. Im pissed at myself for that.

I am angry for a number of reasons. 1. My boyfriend is driving me crazy. I don't mean to sound ungreatful but I wish he would let me be sometimes! If I say I'm ok, then I AM. So stop asking. And oh yeah, YES I'M SURE. 2. My friends are my friends, but when another person is there, it's like I've disapeared. Like, hello?? I'm still here!!! The world doesn't revolve around the popular people!!! Maybe you could forget about her for one day and notice something's wrong and talk to me!! 3. So tonight when I go out, my boyfriend is going to drive me crazy, and my friends are going to ignore me if miss popular is there. I'm better off just staying home. 4. I HATE GEOMETRY!!! If I have to proove that one more triangle is congruent to another, I swear I'm going to kill someone. 5. A week ago, I thought I had it all. Now just one week later, I'm not sure at all. I am so confused. I hate the world.

i am really angry because my boyfriend just never seems to understand. he always misinterprets everything i do and he always takes it against himself..even if it is not my fault...i really want him to take my actions in a more positive manner.

Men are dumb....they never even give a girl a chance. They just assume that what they see is what they get but they dont realize that there is so much more they dont know....they always go for what they think is better...leaving us in the dirt....i just wanna give a HUGE thanks to every guy that has done that to me...I appreciate it SO MUCH!

I am sick of butt-crust eaters and rumour spreading bitches. Men are no better. My ex-boyfriend just told me he was gay, and the stupid shit wanted to get married not 12 months ago. Why didn't he tell me?

my mom wont let me go c incubus live!

this girl i know thinks she is all that but she's NOT. she can kiss my ass. A..B...C.. hit it! That's the way uh huh uh huh you've got yours, i've got mine so peace! punch! captin crunch! brick wall, waterfall. girl you think you got it all, but you DON'T! I DO! so take that A with your attitude, don't go there girlfriend! uh huh!!

I'm angry because I really like this guy and yet, he kisses like a vaccume cleaner and it freaked me out. I've never had anything even remotely like a decent kiss.

Women always have this stupid, fucked up notion that all men should be sensitive, emotional fags! I am tired of living in a GOD DAMNED world where I am always repressed, pushed around, manipulated because I happened to be born a male. I didn't ask to be born with a dick, so why don't you vent all your hatred at that old bastard up in the sky!!! I was told all my life by women that they want a man who is open-minded and understanding to their "needs", but every time I attempt to open my mind and accept their "opinions", they dump me like yesterday's newspaper. And Why the FUCK is it that women can't make up their GOD-DAMNED minds about anything? And why the fuck do they have to claim equal rights when they are too weak and inferior to do the same tasks that they expect us males to do? If you women can't at least use your only brain cell to do something that is useful to the world, then you might as well be better off with us males controlling you!!!

I hate "positive", smiley, happy, gay people! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! I am sick and tired of you douchebags teling me to "repress my negative spritual unholisticness melancoliness", or whatever bull-fucking-God-damned-Hellassed-bloody-shit you can come up with while you were busy tripping on 'shrooms and munching on your colon cancer-inducing soy and granola! I have my own fucking problems and the last thing I need is some faggot facist Nazi bastard from Hell telling me how to live my life. In fact, I'll rip that fucking smile off your stupid face with a rusty crowbar if you dare to get your vile presence anywhere near me!

I am pissed off that God doesn't give a rat's ass about his own followers. All my life I was promised that if you read the Bible, prayed, shared, cared, helped people, forgave, and turned the other cheek, God will reward you. Well, lets see. I am basically living in a physical, mental, and emotional manifestation of Hell. I prayed and prayed and prayed to a God who just seemed to be too busy making the Pope and RIAA executives rich to even raise his ear to listen. And just when I thought my life couldn't get any worse, I am ALWAYS proven wrong, and it's always painful, torturous, and suicide-inducing. I have to be the one who pays for other people's fuck-ups, and I am also being FORCED to pay the bastards who will just mess things up again. I have forgiven and tried to forgive, the very same folks who sharpened their swords to stab me twice in the back the next day. I have been beaten, kicked, spat on, insulted, and betrayed, and for every attempt I make at standing up for my own rights

because my girlfriend got fucked by her father when she was nine and it has fucked up her life and now its fuckng up mine and its like he wins every time and i want to kill him even though i know it wouldnt change a fucking thing

My retarded cousin and his whore wife want to adopt a baby. This trash, like all adopters, try and try and try to have their "own" kid but can't because they are inbred and therefore infertile. They think an adopted kid is better than nothing I suppose so they are willing to buy one. The whole family is largely infertile and they end up having to purchase their children. They treat them like shit, abuse them emotionally, resent them for being adopted, and so on and so on. What the fuck is wrong with people? Who told them they were entitled to a kid? Why can't people just accept it? Like they always told me, you can't have everything you want. Well maybe you want a kid but you can't have one. Tough shit. When are these fucks going to grow up and get over themselves? God I hate people especially my family.

I am angry with everyone who has ever sent me spam. I want to mutilate their genitals with a butcher knife.

The traffic in L.A. is making me go catatonic. I was angry, but after a while you just feel defeated because there ain't JACK that anyone can do about that traffic, man. The people who speak other languages in front of me almost piss me off, but instead I try to learn their choppy dung chatter so's I can tell them to go straight to hell in a way that makes them feel right at home. I feel much better having just typed that :p

I am soo pissed off! this christmas my bf and I were suppose to go to australia for chirstmas and new years... I have just found out that his stupid little brother is tagging along.. ( i dont particualy like any of his family - as they say first impressions last) the first time i meet his parents his mum totally snobbed me. we went out for lunch and she just put her back towards me the entire time and did not talk to at all. the whole family is really geeky!!.. and his little brother is soo spoilt it just makes me sick.... his parents are soo cheap!.. they were here during my birthday..weekend. and they knew it was my birthday and they didnt even bother to wish me a happy birthday.. so rude of them.. I dont know i just dont like their family and just finding out that his little brother is comeing with us to australia has just toped it off.. I can just erupt like that!!. i dont know wat to do.. i told my bf that if he is going to australia with us, i am certainly am not going to go and we will break and..do you know wat?? he'd rather choose his dick head brother over me.. grr the reason i hate his little brother is that he is soo spoilt everything gets feed to him... its like if he wanted somthing he'll get it.. my bfs parents only cares about my bfs little bro... they'll pay everything for him but if my bf wanted something even a packet of biscuits from them he'll have to pay them.. how cheap is that.. there are soo many more reasons i can tell you but i just cant explain it!! help me!!!

It's so ANNOYING to be skinny! I'm stick thin, and all people can tell me is, "Oh, you're so skinny." or "Do you eat?" It's annoying because I DO eat! I eat A WHOLE LOT of food and I still don't put on any size!!! And it drives me nuts when someone keeps telling me the same thing over and over, AS IF I DON'T ALREADY KNOW THAT I'M SKINNY!!! It's driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Well to tell you the truth, I'm not angry. I love life. I love every minute of it. My grandfather is dying of cancer, my father just got diagnosed with cancer, my little brother is failing out of school and it seriously involved with drugs, my mom is loaded up on all kinds of antidepressants... but you know what, we all suffer... life is filled with traumas and tragedies and there is no way to avoid them. But I get up every morning and the sun is still shining. I go to campus and there are smiling faces. I have friends to give me hugs and I have two arms to give them hugs back. There are an infinite number of things to be grateful for and if you forget them, you will always be unhappy and angry. Remember, life is like waves. There are up and there are down; there are the crests and there are the troughs. Now what fun would the ocean be if it was flat all the time?

I'm angry because my stupid fucking brother is going to be the end of our family. His indiscretions are going to make us loose our house, he's already been the cause of my father's loss of income and I won't even get to go back to college next semester because we can't pay for it as long as my brother has to have $$$ to stay on probation. This is so fucking unfair, and I hate it and hate him sometimes. I just want to be stable and he's a fucking chaotic mess.

people have forgotten compassion... I see in their faces an utter lack of insight into the fact others do have emotions. I am perhaps so angry at this because I see so much more is possible in this world. I wonder to myself if they question what will happen when they are tretcherous. Will they be the last person in someones day to be kind. Or the last person to harm another before the damn breaks and steals someone's hope.... The world needs a reality check - everthing we do affects someone, and will eventually get back to us!!!!!

Fuck where do I begin! I wasted 12 years married to a twisted self righteous bitch from the Shetland Islands. When I finally wised up and left I got screwed over by the courts. I finally met some woman who was normal and the same month found out I had cancer. Dodged the grim reaper by getting my kidney removed and but then lost my job. My flatmate got busted for drug dealing and as his shit was in my basement I got fingered. Cause they thought I knew all about it!! My fingerprints were all over his boxes of shit cause I stupidly helped him move his crap into my basement!! Got another job working in africa and decided to had to quit the UK and go move to istanbul with my new lady before the police closed me down. (visas there are easy) Needed another home cause the school fees were too high in turkey so moved to oz. Guess what my new company binned me saying I was living too far away from africa to administer!!! What? like there is no things such as phones or email?...

I am angry because after being unemployed for six months, I took what I thought was a great job and now they've fired the COO and his wife and everybody's mad at each other and they can't make payroll - basically, it looks like they may be closing in a few months. I am also angry because I have to pay ALL of the bills myself including daycare because my asshole of a husband got himself into trouble by misusing his job's credit card and he has to do 30 days in jail. It's almost Christmas and I'm behind 5 months in rent so I have to try to come up with money to buy gifts for the kids AND pay bills. But I know it gets better, its almost a new year so I know its going to be better! But for now, I'm pissed!

I am angry because my best friend is totally selfish. I always bend over backwards and go out of my way to make sure she's happy. I'm ALWAYS putting her feelings before mine. She can't do that for me just this once. I love her to death and she's an awesome friend, but come on. STOP BEING SELFISH AND THINK ABOUT SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF THIS ONCE!!

I'm tired of working for people that are complete idiots,and all combined don't have the brain of one human,yet I am supposed to respect the dumb assws


cuz the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT! yeah right.... i get sooo sick of it. and they are all WRONG!

I'm angry because the real world freakin sucks. When I was a kid, I was stupid and naive. I didn't care about taxes or bills or relationships or where I'm going to be in the next 5 years. Everything sucks now. Everyone is in for himself. Everyone wants to step on everyone else's heels to get a step higher in life. And when you're already near the bottom of the totem pole working as a grunt at some big company, everyone gets to step on you. Oh sure, I should be thankful for going to school, and getting a good job. Well if you think that, scr1w you. I'm angry and pissed and I complain all the time, yep thats what I do. Maybe its a mental disposition, or maybe its society. Either way, you're all lucky I was raised with proper morals or might actually snap. heh

Wow..I was going to say I was angry at all the deadbeat dads in the world..but I read these other statements first..I'm not this angry..I think that some of these comments are not from anger..more from dementia..

Because all of my female friends are sluts and they always have to flirt with boys that I like and steal everyone from me stupid backstabing bitches!!!

i'am so fucking angry and i just dont understand why..it so fucking confussing ...me and my boyfriend broke up, i didint feel no sorrow or pain...it didint hurt, i miss him, yes but, i dont wanna be with him no more, no as his girlfriend, no no more, i have good friends,everyone says that i shouldnt have to be so sad and they dont understand why i wanted to kill myself, it wasnt for him, it wasnt for school, or my dad, or my friends, it was me... no one really care about me..its always what i could give to the rest not for who i am...and no one whats to know me well, my ex only wanted me for my body, thats what they told me, that fucking ass hole... playing with me...and i belived him! i am angry and thats all i know...i cant tell why, i just feel it all trap inside ...

Life is not fair. How can you like someone so much and then suddenly change your mind about them in one day? It doesn't make sense. It's kinda sad.

I'm angry because for years of being the blunt of all jokes in school and those preppy assholes making fun of me..looking down on me..calling me fat, ugly, etc. Now that im in my 40's and all these beauty queens look like shit. decided that now I can be someone they can assoiciate with. the hell with all of you. I wasn't good enough for you in school. I'm not good enough for you now! go blow smoke up someone elses ass. while you were out sunbathing ,partying,drinking.. I was sitting in my room at home all alone. dieing for someone to accept me..now with all those years of sun. drinking etc. they have nothing but dried up wrinkled skin and I don't have a wrinkle on my face. HA HA HA HA. they are on their 3rd marriage and their deadbeat husbands refuse to pay child support..and with the looks they have now. the only man that would be interested in them . lives in a van by the river.. karma is cool

I am too nice. I broke up with my boyfriend and the next night he slept with his ex. i walked in and since then i have talked things through with him and even her. i am trying to be her friend, i message her and ask her out with me and my friends. i dont even like her, i mean, i do like her, she seems nice, but i feel sorry for her, and i see her point of view, thats why i am trying. i know she wouldbe upset, i am with her boyfriend of a year and a half. its harsh. But no matter how hard i try she throws it in my face. we go out and she is just bitchy. Mind you i would have punched me if i was her, if anyone was with my ex i would be going nuts.

because i screwed up really bad and nobody bothers to try and help me put the pieces back together. i'm tired of being the one to help everyone else out. i'm upset at myself for allowing myself to fall so low. i'm upset at the fact that all people keep telling me is how i need to learn to be there for myself. i'm always there for myself. i'm always the one making sure i'm not a burden on anyone else. nobody ever thinks about that when they come to me. i never give them a reason to. i love this world a lot, but right now, i wish the world would love me back just little. i'm not in a good place. i just need a hug.

I am angry becasue I cannot sleep. I think about the asshole at work whom I felt my college education would allow me to avoid in likfe.. You know, the uneducated moron whom has a mentality of a 6th grader. Homosexual jokes, always sneaking up on you to startle you on purpose. the asshole whom doesn't see that I would really like to beat his head in for him. Bent on mischief and a paycheck. Probably gets paid more than I do and I cannot fucking stand the fact that I am still surrounded by idiots and assholes just like in high school. They think I am calm, thye think I am soft,. They should just be glad I cannot take justice into my own hands. Even crime is getting harder to pull off...DNA testing from skin flakes and dandruff. And just think, everyone has the answer to anger managment, I scoff at them, there is no such thing. You are either born with it or not.

Im angry because Im only seventeen years old and it already feels like I've lived, loved and lost. I'm fucking angry because I usually hate pussies like me who bitch incessantly about their shit lives and do nothing to fix it while they still can. I'm pissed off because there is nothing I can do. I hate the fact now that school is over people think they can throw you away. sure. truth is we will all lose contact and probably never see eachother again. but it would be nice to hold on that little longer before throwing eachother away like useless little fuck puppets. I'm pissed off because a close friend thinks she can shut me out of her life and then come to me and brag about her life without me. I hate the fact she goes out of her way for a guy, but never for me. I hate the fact that my mum always feeds my brother before me like he's more important. That's when she does. I've been doing it for myself for a long time. I'm angry because my brother is twenty one years old and acts like he is 12.

I hate my white trash hillbilly family. I hope each and every one of them gets brutally raped and murdered after being tortured for days.

Why can't any woman fall in love with me? What's wrong? I'm a smart, a nice guy, and not bad looking. OH, I just for got. I'm not an asshole! Every single woman in the world is looking for an asshole who will just see them as a sexual object, physically and verbally abuse them, as well as cheat on them. I have come to the conculsion that nice guys finish last, and I have to start becoming mean in order to get respect from women.

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