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Because I married an asshole and stayed in love with him for 11 years after he ever loved me. Because I have his child and he won't help me with him unless a white man puts a foot in his ass, in other words, he is forced by the court to pay child support- but visiting rides to the doctor store, etc he won't lift a finger!!! That may sound petty to you, but living without a car, because someone screwed up your credit and now you can't even think of purchasing a car and having to take a child everywhere, walking in ice and snow, heat whatever the weather condition is madness to me. I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him

I got LASIK surgery and now my eyes are screwed up. Don't get it done!

im stuck in the middle of my two best friends breaking up with eachother, theyre both angry, and when i try to help, they get angry at me, so im angry at them. the neverending triangle.

Every damn time I try to help someone my family gets in the way with their own fucking problems that they take out on me! I deserve to be able to be a good person w/o having to go through my damn parents!

if i dont admit im angry i'll just get depressed and Im NOT going to kill myself over her any more

I have to hide my feelings, be nice to everyone and not tell them what I need. walked over by a crap boyfriend, spent today my birthday alone, but still must keep smiling and being grateful for the crumbs of friendship they throw, when they get round to it. Oh to be popular.

I am angry with a certain well known on-line payment service that was recently bought by ebay. I know, let's call it FUCKING PAYPAL. They take DAYS to transfer money from one account to another. I checked with the bank and the funds had been withdrawn three days ago. It STILL isn't credited to my paypal account. Now what's up with that? Even the little chart shows that my payment should be credited by 5:00 PM today. NEWSFLASH it is now 6:45 I THINK YOUR FREAKING CHART IS OFF. It even has a message "Expected clearing July 24 5:00 PM." I DON'T THINK SO! SOMEBODY MISSED THEIR DEADLINE AND IT WASN'T FUCKING ME!!!!! There is no reason why it should take days! I need that damn money! FUCK YOU PAYPAL you can still be rejected and replaced by money orders. It would certainly be faster you fucking losers

i dont know why

Im so angry this website has some stupid rules! the cia is sick in the head they fuck with anyone for anything, and theyll probably kill me with a gama ray or give me cancer or aids or both, but when they die God will unleash his almighty fury on you sick fucking pieces of shit! you muthafuckers arent eternal punk ass bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate u muthafuckas

A useless fucken cunt of a psychologist i used to see told me i didn't want to get better, obviously if her lame ass treatment doesn't help me it's my fault. Never mind the fact that i was forking over good money for that bitch so she could sit there on her fat ass & give me pathetic advice that any schmuck could think up. "try aropax",tried it doesn't work, "do affirmations" waste of fucken time,"write counterstatements, go for a walk, just make yourself stop the thoughts" None of that works you fucken incompetent. "Well i think they work, they work for my other patients" Fuck you you arrogant peice of shit ugly fucken cunt, take my fucken money & feed the same shit that the last tossers gave me and then when that doesn't work "i don't want to get better."
Fuck you! Die and rot in hell you pathetic arrogant ugly fucken bitch.

my asshole boyfriend keeps cheating on me and beating the crap out of me and lying to me and making me look like i'm the unreasonable one in the relationship. and because he insults me and hits me in front of friends and family, and the bastards still think i'm evil and useless and that he's a saint. And because when i try to leave he hits me and threatens to put me in a wheelchair and kidnap our daughter. and because he hitting me because i don't want to have sex. and never remembering ONE single birthday in FIVE years, or caring if he forgot, and because he has told me i'm worthless and stupid for so long it feels true. and finally because he says nasty things about me to other girls so that they feel sorry for him and sleep with him. and then he hits them too.

my stupid fuck of a boyfriend "casually" asked if we could have a threesome with another girl. I think it was disrespectful and unkind and I told him that I'd shove my foot up his ass if he ever brings the topic up again. Stupid fuck- when you love someone then all you need is that person, not a fucking session with two other people.

Guys are a bunch of bastards and don't care for anything other than sex. Man think they are god's gift to this world but they are wrong "we are".


ALL Work!!!!!And no Play.and no money!thank god it dont cost,nothing to jump you husbands bones when he gets home from work, love that man!!!!!!!!!!!!

My boyfriend has been cheating on me for a month, although he "loves" me and "wants to be with" me. He denies everything, but I know the truth cause I talked to the other person. Fuck you.

I am angry because my boyfriend can be such a dick when he drinks and embarasses me. I come from a good family and i am not sure why i put up with this shit.

The one person in this world who I choose to marry, is willing to give me and our two children up, for drinking and staying out all night. I am angry because he lied to me about love. I met him when I was 15 years old. I didnt want to love him, but it happened anyway. He was so wonderfull to me, but as the story goes, not for long. So after sharing 9 years of life together, I am not important enough for him to give up *the wild life*. How can you look into your own childs eyes and not care? How can a person have no emotion for thier own creation? Why would somone turn away love?

why cant people just leave gays and lesbians alone?

i am never satisfied.

My so called oldest brother is so upset with my brother & I because when my mom & dad split up my mom took me & my little brother. My oldest brother has so much anger built up in him & now he is threatening the lives of myself, my children & my little brother. My brother that is doing this is 34 has 3 kids of his own. He goes on different message boards & he posts all of my information my phone number, my home address & he is even sending out pictures of my children over the internet. He is constanly making racial slurs about my oldest son ( he is biracial), the reason why I am so pist off is because this is my brother & I have done nothing to him & he hates us because of what happened when we were younger, like I had anything to do with my mother's decsion, I ws only 7 years old at the time.

my husband sleeps all day, never helps around the house and then blames me for not waking him up. He is thoughtless, selfish, insensitive, fat, ugly, he smells bad, he farts all the time, he picks his nose and he expects me to wait on him hand and foot. He is rude, obnoxious and selfish

Men are so stupid they think the grass is always greener, whether it be for other people or just having the freedom to do what they want. They do not seem to be able to learn the art of compromise. They want love and sex and friendship but they do not want to change a thing about themselves in order to keep it. They suck and I hope God has a plan because if He does not then he screwed women over so badly by creating the male gender.

I have no idea why I'm so angry. I wasn't always like this. Bad relationships, my daddy didn't pay enough attention to me, blah blah blah. Same old shit. It's true, though, I can't control the events of my life, or in the world at large. Some people can, but not me. I used to think "venting" was healthy, but 2 ulcers later, I'm beginning to question that logic. Maybe I should kill someone. Myself, the next cocksucker that cuts me off in traffic, those self-righteous idiots that think my NOT smoking pot is somehow a good thing. Me on weed is the only thing between you and a bullet, fucker.

I am angry because I'm the person everyone complains to. I'm a nice guy, patient and a good listener, but what that has gotten me is a bunch of people who complain endlessly to me. I don't mind helping and listening every once in a while, but all I get is negative depressing complaints allllll the time. I hate to say it, but all these people are women. Do women EVER have a good day? Do they ever have a day when someone doesn't piss them off, or when some part of there body DOESN'T hurt? I'm a nice guy, but what it's gotten me is a sign on my forehead that says "Complaint Department." Of course, none of these people actually LISTEN when I try to give some advice or a little construcitve criticism. Oh no, that would be a possible way to feel better, and then they wouldn't be able to complain all the time. I know this sounds like I'm being sexist, but I sometimes think women aren't happy unless they have something to complain about. It's like there life isn't 'special' enough unless it's complicated

so many dickheads, so little time

The guy I work with is a lying prick. He lied about his resume, he lied about graduating from college, he's a shister and my boss bought his BS hook, line and sinker. So I'll leave a job and a company I love because he won't.

People won't leave me the fuck alone, those fucken pop up ads get on my fucken nerves and so do those telemarketing people...don't they got anything else better to do?

I am angry becuz all of u are angry ... can i give some advice ...turn to the Lord and he will certainly solve all your problems... and if it takes him a while , don't give up he hasn't forgotten u. Just remember that he sent his one and onlly son to save us. So he must love us.

well, before I read what everyone wrote about why they are angry, I thought it would be interesting to vent. Now that I read how people feel, it makes me feel sad. I wish I had a magical cure to relieve all of you from your pain, but I don't. All I know, is that there is only one God that could help heal your heart. Every time I have a problem, I get anxious, worried, and fear the very worst! I become overwhelmed with my emotions, and then I begin to feel physically sick! The only way I am able to cope with all the stress and circumstancial problems, is when I take time out to pray and ask God to forgive me for being so self centered

Anger is a natural feeling. Sometimes it could be good to be angry when it comes to injustice. Life doesn't seem fair, especially when things don't go the way we want it. I'll tell you what, I never would have chosen the things that happened to me, but If these things didn't happen, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I am not perfect, but I believe through the hardships, I was blessed with insight. I can feel the pain of others and have compassion for them. I was abused as a child also, and it wasn't something I would ever wish upon anyone. I do get angry when I hear about others getting abused!! It's a sin, but you need to let go, and let God help you through all the termoils in your life.

I am angry because I know it is all for nothing.

I angry because my company was merged by one of its former competitor and since then there is this awful atmosphere in the office. So, today I was sent to a course with some people from the company that merged us and, deep inside I know that we hate each other and are just waiting for the perfect moment to attack. And today was the day: I said something wrong during the text (I mean technically wrong - something that had to do with our business) and at the same time there was 6 people from this company yealling at me and telling me how stupid I was and that I was wrong in a very rude way. I felt like I was being shot by 6 different soldiers at the same time. Now I really want to quit my job. But the salary is really good and that's why I'm so pissed of!

I'm angry cause my wife left me for some idiot she works with, and now I cant even see my kids much at all, cause i just lost my job, and now, i have both prostrate and colon cancer. Is that enough to be angry about? Oh, yeah. The IRS is sueing me cause my wife wont pay her taxes.

why cant I be the popular one???/ what does it take????

We are angry because there are a lot of hot guys in the world but also a lot of HOES!!! The stupid hoes always get the guys. There is not ONE guy in the world that would choose us over those stupid chicks in mini skirts and tube tops. FUCK!!!!!!!!

I am angry because I simply don't understand women. They piss me off. Why can't they be simple? Why do they have to do every little thing to annoy you? Why don't they know what we want? They sure as hell expect us to know what they want...

I have been told that the the things I hate about other people are actually short-comings within myself when I know I am not a lazy pile of horse shit like the people I work with.

I don't know if God exists or not, if I exist or not, if life is worth living or not, if the rules and regulations of this world are fair or not. If the gov't is good or not. I just don't know.

I hate people that rag on abortions. Unless you've been through it, you've got nothing to say. Especially if you have a dick!!!!! I was raped twice and one of them resulted in a pregnancy and that was the best decision I ever made and I was NEVER sorry like everyone said. That was 20 yrs ago and I have comfort in knowing I made the right decision. You pro-lifers shut the fuck up! You're ugly and no one wants to fuck you anyway!!

Twenty years ago, two young men snuck into a house and attacked a woman that was six months pregnant. They attempted to rape her. They took a knife and sliced up her face, thighs and even carved thier initials onto the back of her neck. They did all this while her 2-year-old son and 6-month-old daughter rested in another room. She was left for dead. By a miracle, not only did she survive, but her baby did as well. Her body will forever bear the scars of her attackers. What did she do when she got home? Did she write and talk to anyone who would listen about how God deserted her and how much she hates the world? No, she went to prison to tell them that she forgives them. This is power. Power to heal not only yourself, but power to get on with your life. I met her daughter for the first time last year. She is a beautifull young woman that I fell in love with right away. She is a woman of dignity and honor. She is a reflection of her mother.

I am angry because external circumstances influence how I love myself. I have low self esteem and love myself only when others actively do. When I'm alone I'm completely worthless, can't concentrate, can't sleep, can't breathe.

I've spent all afternoon trying to solve a math problem and still haven't managed it. The maths Prof doesn't know how to speak, let alone write in sentences. Its so stupid, this is a piece of work that counts towards my grade and I can't even tell what he is trying to ask us! AAAAGH! What's more, he's set questions on topics that we haven't covered yet and that I can't find in any of the text books. Ack, I hate maths. (not good when you are a physics student).

nobody cares about why I am angry

i am angry because my addiction to substances is bringing my farther away from life and truth

im pissed off cos no1 lives in the moment anymore...i dont want to end up in a fucking old peoples home thiking "fuck i should of done that"...4 fuck sake live life 2 the fullest and take every opotunity that comes your way. DOnt think i should of done that, think i am proud that i did that. theres no way im going out of life that way. life is the shortest and longest thing that we will ever encounter. so dont muck around, ask that chick/guy out 2morrow, say 'i love u mum/dad', say 'i'll do that' instead of 'nah i couldn't do that'. lets stop the bullshit and LIVE

i am angry......cuz i dont know how i get here..so confused and ambivalent, with no one to understand my pain, and with you reminding me how happy you are, and how good she looked, when all i want is just be in peace with you, with no one criticizing, here comes again the fucking anorexia

I can honestly say after reading these statements, including a couple of mine, I am not angry about anything

My sister was big into drugs when she was a teenager. Now she's got two kids and moved 45 minutes from where I do. She just met someone through one of her "dirty" friends and I know it's to get her drugs. Her husband works all the time so I can just picture her smoking it up with her new friends with her kids running around. What a shitty way to raise a family! I'm ashamed.

My brother may have broken his collar bone but he doesn't have insurance. He won't go to the doctor because he can't affoard it.

I am adopted and I am sick and tired of birthmothers and adopters and all their shit. Each one thinks they've got the market cornered on human suffering. FUCK YOU CUNTS. You're all shit. You birthmothers (birthers) bitch and moan that your baby was stolen from you. You lying cunts were paid money for your baby! On none of your self pitying web sites do you mention that little factoid. You cunts are greedy whores. Now that your kid is grown you want to be reunited. Fuck you! Are you going to pay any of that money back? That's all it was about you ignorant sluts. And you adopters! You suck ass too. You think you can just buy a kid and pass it off as your own??? Mold it into what you think your kid should be like and that's what it will be. FUCK YOU TOO!!! You goddamn cunts are just as bad. You are infertile! Your dicks and pussies and associated body parts don't work right. FUCKING GET OVER IT!!! THAT'S EVOLUTION

my stupid, fucking idiot husband with the mind of a baboon, the looks of a puffer fish and the dick of a smurf

the people at fucking wendy's didn't give me my fucking ketchup

my husband is a self centred asshole!

I am not angry. I changed that. This is how and it doesn't involve a god. I was beaten and molested by my father, molested by my brother, beaten up and tortured by both students and teachers in school, deceived by my first boyfriend, cheated by so-called friends, raped at age 19 then again at age 31, and then deceived out of a hundred-grand by my supposed best friend. How did I get out of being pissed off at them? UNDERSTAND THIS: if you let them make you angry, THEY WIN. Before you go to bed tonight, wherever you are and however fucked up your life is, lie there a minute and give thanks in your mind for five things. It doesn't have to be to any spirit being or any of that crap. Just do it. Just think of five simple little bullshit things and be thankful for them. Your pillow may sound stupid but it's a good place to start. Start with your pillow and go outward. Then go to sleep after Thing Five. Your life will be a thousand percent better and you won't even care about the shit heads

My vote was not counted and George Bush is President. Now he is leading America into a dangerous war.

Some gay people are annoying, some gays don't like straights, and many gays openly scheme to take straight people's boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and husbands, but straight people are not allowed to say that out loud. It's the thing to say all gays are perfect. Why? Are all straights perfect?

some people think it is better to just ignore someone than deal with them ... if you don't want to talk to me just say so but don't pretend I am not here until you aren't mad any more

You type in a simple search like SAT scores and you get a billion sights that don't even relate IN THE LEAST BIT. It is bad enough I am in need of the things I must search for but to have it get more complicated ...UGH

Im angry at god, or the "supposed" god. My baby just got diagnosed with autism and its not fair.Its not fair that he might never know love or go to his prom or have children.Its not fair that he will live with me at 30 years old.I dont know how he got this shit. I mean my other kids dont have it.But oh they say find faith in god.why? to be let down? im getting sick of biblr thumpers getting aids or cancer and praising god for it.are you fucking stupid dont you know better.They say doubt in god causes these things, I had no doubts but I wonder why a child would be tortued for that.Im just sick and tired.Im pregnant to ya know, 6 months.too late to fix it.My child could be autisic too.

this world is shit, nothing is right in this world. The good always die, the evil always live long to wrong another day. It's also full of ingrates, and hate and lies. Fuck, I'm going to even out the score when I start my death metal band.

I am angry becuase my mom killed herself & I am left here to pick up the pieces, be responsible, put up with the 3rd husband, his C U Next Tuesday of a daughter. One of my brothers is so angry, I worry for him A TON & the other brother is just so sad, I don't know if they will ever find their way...

People don't know how to see the good things in their life anymore.

no one thinks about anyone else. next time people want to make an entry on this sight, they had better take one huge step back and look at things as they really are. i know for a fact that since everyone on here has internet access, they aren't doing too badly. not that internet access equals happiness, but if you have a computer, you probably also have somewhere to sleep, some clothes to wear, and some food to eat. i'd say just leap over your own personal "feeling sorry for myself" bullshit and enjoy a moment or two without bitching. just an idea...

im angry because my boyfriend wouldnt let me go with him to his house cuz he would have to come back and drop me off. and it was too much out of the way. he wasnt even nice about it. he just said: no you arent coming. then all he kept sayin was get out of the car. Go! Go! Go! i was really fucking pissed off. and to make things even worse, its our anniversary.

Because after reading all this I feel depresssed about how evil the world is. Some of you should go to why are you happy? and read some of the good stuff there to cheer yourselves up!

my therapist is a man who knows less about life than i do

I feel that I make no progress in this world, no matter what I do. Everyone tells you that if you work hard you will get places. Plus I don't even understand the value of what I do, but always feel the constant outside pressure to live up to impossible standards. I hate my old boss for screwing me over and firing me when I challenged her and I hate my coworkers for sitting around complacently, and hypocritically offering sympathy. I hate when a man is all touchy feely with you at night, and the next day, when you have to spend your time with him he is cold and aloof,like you are a complete drag. It pisses me off when people misinterpret you as being 'shy'and unfriendsly, and refuse to look at their own behavior for the cause. Or when you are with competitive people, who brag each other up more than deserved, because they want to hide their real motivations. How about, when you are together with one of those people, who tell you in confidence how stupid everyone else is (but you, of course)? I hate television, and movies, and all the impossible beauty standards I am told to live up to. I hate friends, who scoff at certain ideas, and then in moments of desperation, take them up to fit in. I dislike people from my past, my childhood, who endlessly harrassed and abused me, who try to speak to me like everything's ok now. It ok for them, because they didn't receive the insults that still creep up in my mind, if I let them. I couldn't stand in high school, when my friends acted all nonchalant about studying, but still got the best grades. Everyone knows you go home to a closet and cram later, so why are you trying to pretend not to? Or high school teachers who thought their class was the most important? I can't stand going into a bar, where everyone is dressed in really expensive clothes and conforming so well and mindlessly. Or when people express a strong conviction, empowered by feeling, and they are met with cynical scrutiny, by some heartless people. Finally, college classes where
professors talk about something at a very superficial level; it makes you think that they think everyone is stupid

I was angry....but then i relized that God has never failed me...ever. and when i just trust him to help me in a bad situation, issues get resolved easily. and something better always happens next...always. trust GOD...He loves you

Life is actually pretty good. reading these other stories makes me realise how bad anger can be.

I have cancer and it fucking sucks.

There are two kinds of assholes in this world. The one that kisses other peoples assholes (and) the one that just enjoys being a fucking asshole. My freaking car had a flat tire this morning. Fixed it THEN the rotten engine overheated. Burned my hand on the SOB and then had to remove the thermostat because it wouldn,t open up. Got going and had ANOTHER freaking flat tire. Lousy ass bald freaking tires. Got to work 3 hours late and had a rotten ass day at work. Got off of work and my damn car was gone. Some rotten no good feaking asshole (#2 asshole) took my rotten piece of shit for a car and left me stranded. The sorry SOB. I should have never taken out the damn thermostat. Maybe the rotten asshole will have a flat tire and slam that piece of shit into a brick wall.....

the fucking dumbasses at mcdonalds always give me the wrong order. get a fucking education you stupid dicks!

my dick is so fucking small

I don't know what I should do with myself. Life seems so unimportant and all jobs suck

I'm angry because not enough damn people kill themselves. I love suicide. I love what it does to the people the dead person leaves behind. In most cases, they deserve the guilt they're feeling. It is almost always their fault. If you pukes had treated the dead person better, they'd still be alive. Now you should feel guilty and go and kill yourself.

there is so much discrimination out there. I feel like being black is supposed to be a bad thing in this society. I'm interested in a few girls who are white and when they see me, it's like I'm not attractive enough because I'm black. I hate myself sometimes, sometimes I can tell myself that I'm okay and I don't need people like that, but it really frustrating at times. There isa this one girl that I really liked that I started e-mailing from responding to her personal and I sent her my picture about two days ago and I haven't heard back from her. I feel like as if she doesn't like me anymore because she now knows I'm back or I'm not attractive enough, it hurts like you would not believe waking up in the wrong body sometimes.

I recently moved into my house and now I find out i've got fucking drug dealers living across the street!

We are ALL angry because life itself is not something that can be controlled. People die, people do bad things, terrible things happen, and we feel helpless because we can't prevent negative events from taking place. What makes me angry is when the people I love decide to write everything and everyone off the map because they don't realize that suffering is as necessary and unavoidable in human existance as joy.

my wife wanted to do a three way, we did and now she is mad at me for it.

Because the Rams played like shit this week. When they should have kicked a field goal when they had the chance that could have gave them the chance to win the game. What's up with that?

I'm angry at my sister-inlaw for being a bitch and not being able to trust her to keep something confidential. She has caused alot of problems by opening her BIG MOUTH.
I will never trust her again, she is a spoiled rotten, jealous, self centered person who obviously only delights in someone elses misfortune and pain.

my boyfriend just confessed to me THROUGH AN EMAIL that he has been married and divorced prior to our relationship. He then had his MOM write me about it as well! He's 28 years old, I think its time for him to grow up! So much for being "completely honest" with me. Bottom line babe- FUCK YOU! I'm not that stupid and I'm not that desperate to stay with someone that has such little respect for me! CYA!

I am a worthless failure, I hate myself.

My job is a load of shit. I was supposed to be part time, but two years in i am full time. I don't know why I can't leave - he keeps telling me the company would shut down without me and I give in and stay. My whole life is falling apart because of this job, I am wasting so much time here, and am so stressed out and angry that I don't know who I am anymore. It feelsl like i've been eaten by this job, and even though the pay is great i have no time to spend it. Sorry to explode like this, but it's either here or at the customers and those poor cunts shouldn't have to put up with it. Thanks.

i want to fuckin kill everyone...people that send me email about viagra and shit...fuck them and their children...i wanna kill them all with nuclear warhead up their ass

i am angry because all men never really are who u think. they go out of there way in the beginning, but even the best of them change. they get lazy, thoughtless. you never feel their love 4 u is like ur love 4 them. when they try to make u happy it works until u think that u had to get after them 4 so long. i am mad cause men need to be taught. and they make empty promises "oh i promise i'll take u here" but u know u never gonna go but foolishly u believe them at first and then there's this big let down. i am mad that my perfect relationship that would make anyone jealous is gone and though it is still good i now once again have to feel jealous. lets just say there are things to be desired. why do i have to feel so unhealthy cause i'm sad all the time. why do i have to be made feel like i'm going crazy or like i am wrong? i never said he's responsible for my happiness or that he has to do anything, but some things u do out of love or because they're kinda just the norm. I am really mad

Sheep. AUGH I hate them. They're so BOGUS.

No good reason. I'm fucking tired, i'm bitter, and I just want to sleep. But, I can't sleep w/o beer a/o other liquor. I've had a lot of beer tonight, but it's still not having the desired effect. I've about completely fucking had it with: a)Canadians (incl. my useless self)b)Australians (easy targets; about like Canandians)c) Kiwis or whatever you call yourselves d)Brits...all of you (incl. Scots, Irishmen & Welshmen, or whatever)e) American fuckers (i.e.the easiest targets ever) f) all other Europeans, plus the Chinese, Indian, Iranian, etc. and related (i.e. Vietnamese/your mom/absolutely everyone else). Really, seriously, fuck you on the basis of your nationality. I don't care if you're Armenian (see George Orwell) or Burundian, or Irish, I probably don't like you at all.I've got a huge personal problem with you. It's not based on race at all, but that's a convenient excuse, so I may use it if pushed. Seriously, fuck everyone that reads this. I would far rather spend my time sleeping than bitching

I am angry because my life is boring!

i got 3 flat tires this moring!

The one guy in the world that is perfect for me, the only one that I love, is in love with my best friend. And she loves him back. Don't you know how awful it is to love someone so much only to find that they like the girl that is much more pretty, talented, fun, and popular than you? Arrrrrgggh!!!!!

That bastard boyfriend I have thinks he is a fucking saint who never makes any mistakes. Whenever we have a fight that fucking saint say it's all my fault and not his.

I am angry because my girlfriend is always angry. I admit that I am at fault sometimes, but come on. She takes out all of her frustration on me. No matter who is at fault!!!

because drug dealers (who are selling drugs to people who choose to buy) on average, serve more jail time than rapists and child molesters. (can we say catholic priests, anyone?)

because I get involved with men who treat me like shit

I hate husbands who play noisy computer games until 5am, making it impossible to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because England beat the Argies and suddendly everyone has jumped on the band wagon and we're world beaters - even muppets who dont like football are suddenly avid fans.

the world is filled with too many fucking loser assholes who have no worth to this world, so instead of trying to change and be decent, productive humans, they instead choose to be FUCKING ARROGANT PRICKS who cheat their way to the top so they can feel important, because they are nothing more than ugly, fat-ass, no-talent arrogant loser PRICKS who are in complete denial that EVERYONE THINKS THEY FUCKING SUCK, except of course, for all the other fat-ass, no-talent, arrogant fucking losers they scurry to form "cliques" with, so they can feel fucking powerful and cool. GROW UP YOU PATHETIC FUCKS! Then fucking DIE, because everyone is on to your bullshit and no one wil miss you, anyway. You'll get yours in the end, you fucking assholes. Just wait

There are to many GD black people that will not leave a MF tip when I server there sorry asses.

my boyfriend of a year, whose child I am three months pregnant with, turned out to be married with a wife expecting only three months before me. He lied to both of us insanely, and the worst part is that he got married after I met him!

I'm angry because I was born. Why do people have kids if they don't want them and they're never going to love them or treat them right? Why didn't my mom have an abortion if she *knew* having a kid was the wrong thing to do? And they do make birth control you know. Fuck you bitches and assholes that have kids and then treat them like shit.

I am angry because it occurred to me that when a woman decides to NOT have an abortion, they act like they are so worried about the kid and that's why they are keeping it. As usual this is a bunch of bullshit. They are actually worried about their own guilt, about their own soul going to hell, about how other people will see them, ect ect ect. They aren't concerned about the fucking baby. Well CUNTS get over yourselves. For once in your lives think about someone besides you. The kid won't care. Fish him outta there early so he won't have to live the fucked up life he's going a have to live with your sorry ass. I'm really sure God would take that in consideration when He decides what to do with your slut self when you stand before Him on judgement day.

This world is a piece of shit!!!!! I'M nice to fucking everyone, but they never apreciate it, EVER, all they think about is themselves and how they can make it better for themselves by taking advantage of nice people like me!!! FUCK!!!!!!! I help my friends out with there problems and I try to show my g/f some love, but they take everything and never give. EVER !!!! FUCK YOU ALL FOR NOT CARING!!!!!! for everyone who reads this...friends don't exist, some day they'll turn on you and forget about you for a stupid reason and you're gonna want to kill somebody or cry or whatever emotions you're gonna have but you're never gonna be able to change it, because they wont care about anything except for themselves. SO DON'T GET ATTACHED TO ANYONE!!!!!! EVER!!! IT'S BAD FOR YOU!

I am so fucking angry. I am tired of being everyones victim. I've been molested,peeped at by a schizophrenic drug addict, abandaned by my family, made fun of by everyone, on the streets for 2 years as a teenager. It just seems like I'm a magnet for weirdos and that bad shit keeps on happening to me and I just don't understand why, what the hell did I ever do. Now I have to move because of the schizophrenic drug addict, he gets out of prison in a couple of months. I'm tired of being the victim. I wish people would just leave me alone. I hate this evil world, I am in fear of raising my son in this world. There are crazy people everywhere and they will screw you over and ruin your life at any opportunity. It's really sad when you can't rely on anyone, not even your own family.

My mom died 2 years ago, I cannot live without her, so I am now going to kill myself. You won, god. You fucking bitch.

I'm fucking angry because I have a lazy shit for a roommate! Today is moving day and guess what, last minute he has to work. No, fuck that! He's not getting out of it he's still going to do his fucking share. Sometimes I feel like he plays games to get out of hard work but he always has some bull Shit to justify it. Everyone knows somebody like this. My problem is that I live with him. Fuck.

I am angry because my school is so full of Abercrombie lovers who have no brains but think they are so much better then me. And even the "non-conformists" all drink and do drugs which is really the same as the preps they hate. That the fact I am in the marhcing band makes me a nerd and the fact that being in sports makes you a jock I AM SO SICK OF HIGH SCHOOL AND I STILL HAVE 3 MORE FREAKIN' YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

She lies she lies she lies to me about shit that doesnt even matter Why does she lie to me?Why does she lie?

I am angry because there are way to many people complaining about pointless bull shit. Get off your fucking ass and fix your own damn problems.

people who can hear treat people who can't hear like utter shit. Well, stick some fucking cotton wool in your ears and see how you like not being able to listen to music, or use the phone, or hear the radio, or do all the things you take for granted! And while you're at is, the next time a deaf person who is smarter than you comes looking for a job at your company, try giving it to them instead of turning them down simply because they can't use the phone! I am starting my own business, and when I do, apart from the receptionists, I am ONLY going to employ deaf people. And fuck you.

I work at a job that is essentially meaningless. I do not accomplish anything, save for protecting DATA for a living! DATA! I could have been a fucking firefighter and here I am working on network security which I hate, but it pays the bills. So I am stuck in a shitty job because the pay is good but at the same time, remaining aware of the pointlessness of it all. The internet and everything about it sucks ass.

My brother broke the sims game we have and we got a new computer so now I can't play the damn game. And I'm soooo frikin bored and no one's online and I have nothing to do and no one to talk to and I hate my god damn life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am an abyssmal failure when it comes to any sort of interaction with the opposite sex.

i just am

None of you have any shit story on me! I grew up with a lazy ass worthless excuse of a human being that people have called my father. He was a lazy ass, taught me nothing at all whatsoever, came home from work and wanted to be a lazy bum and drink beer all day until he quit way too late in my life after I was already too old for it to matter. He made me learn life all by myself, and never gave me the guidance love and support I needed. The only thing he ever did is taught me how to get him a beer when he needed it- sorry bastard! I wish he had never brought me into this sorry ass world which is brutal mean and hopeless. I have a mother who is a psychopathic, delusional, mad woman. She thinks everyone is out to get her and she swears that millions of people have broken into our house and stolen many valuable items from her. She pisses me off and my father pisses me off and all of my siblings piss me off because they suck are worthless and are all abject failures in life

i am the house manager of a large cooperative house this summer and people hoard the few eating utensils we have, causing a big dumb shortage and then i can't eat my cereal (not the end of the world). That's what's wrong with this fucking world--it belongs to all of us and assholes take shit they don't even use (much closer to the end of the world). Irre-fucking-sponsible.

because nobody cares about people, love and life anymore. where all busting each others humps to get ahead. i know the guy next too me doesn't care about anything but money and sex. the world of advertising shows sex, beautiful and money rule - such a bad message.

i have not had any luck with women and now i think i'm gay

I hate my job. i am paid well, but don't enjoy the long hours, but do enjoy the perks. i have the golden handcuffs. my friends are all getting married. i don't have enough time to be active in a social setting. i'm all alone and as a result blame my boss. the man continue to take my ambition and drive me into a deep dark hole. i drink, i smoke, i'm trying to find an outlet. i can't sleep, i am irritable, i'm no longer fun to hang out with. i'm losing control of everything. i want to punch a bag hard. i can't deal with failure and im failing.

the ugly cow who sits next to me at work is always putting her stuff on my desk in attempt to prove she is higher up in the hierarchy. I am in Japan, by the way. This country is just full of subtle little mind games, guilt trips and power plays. But then again, that shit is everywhere. I am also sick of her asking me what the hell it is I am doing or looking at on the internet: hey, look at this, bitch, this is how I really feel about you!

I am really not angry, I just have two dads, and the second one is my husband. I simply rebel.

i am angry cuz theres not a fucking person in this world u can trust not even your own fucked up family

people do NOT know how to drive!! you do NOT merge on the freeway doing 25 mph, you use a TURN SIGNAL when you change lanes, you do not TAILGATE flashing your lights hoping i can go faster when it's bumper-to-bumper traffic, you don not put on your MAKEUP, chat on your CELL PHONE, you pay attention to the cars around you. people need to realize that allowing someone to merge in front of them is not insulting to their driving, nor will it make you late!!

....because, this site gives all you whiners a place to bitch! Get off your ass and make things happen - you only get to do this ONCE!

I'm angry because I spent three years in love with a man and now he has to go overseas to work. He wants to continue the relationship but I don't think that I can wait for him to return in two years. I'm angry because I feel like I wasted my heart on someone

I miss my bf.. who died!!! He was only 18:(~~~~~~
I hate !!! Don't know what but I hate!

i,m angry because being a lesbian is so damn hard,most of the women are players. to all the butches,studs,femmes,or what ever you call yourselves,i hope you learn to apreciate women. if not you can all go to hell!

because the world is full of self centered self pitying people who self indulge themselves by whining and COMPLAINING about their problems instead of SEEKING PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!!!

I am angry because some people are just dumb. I know that I am not the brightest but give me a break I work at a bank and I ask people how they would like there money back and they say cash is fine. NO SHIT YOU DUMBASS!!!

my teacher's a bitch!!!

The dumb fucking HR bitch fowled up my direct deposit...so now I'm BROKE and ANGRY! To top it off..the dumb cock-munching cunt conveniently takes off every freakin' payday. Smart little bitch! If I could get a hold of her..not on the phone, but, by the fucking throat, I would never let go!

my boyfriend bruised my neck and gave me a hickey, and now i look like i live in a trailer and my name is crystal or mitzi. how many times do i have to say no visible marks!?!!!

I'm PISSED because my BF promised me 2 freaking weeks ago that he would go with me to an important company dinner tonight and all it fucking took for him to change his damn mind was HIS mother calling to say "Son, I'm going to be at the Casino Thursday night" .. Fuck HIM ... I'm tired of always coming in second to his bullshit!!!

I'm angry because Sharon (Israel's PM) and Arafat (leader of the PLO) won't fix the problem in Israel/Palestine.

I'm angry that the boyfriend I've finally let myself love is going to college 3 hours away next year. I still have a year of high school left and even when I do go to college I can't go to the same school that he is at because it is too expensive. Why!?!? Why do so many relationships fail when they have everything working for them. But my relationship will be ripped apart and there is nothing we can do about it. It's not fair.

I'm beginning to realise that my best friend is a complete fool

I'm angry because when I'm walking by myself on the streets, trash come past me in cars and yell abuse at me. I'm also angry because so may parents don't try to bring their kids up to be decent people.

my Caucasian wife keeps on having black children. I'm white.

Because my boyfriend is not giving me more time

My parents instilled in me the importance of compassion and empathy for others. I was taught to care and put myself in the other person's place, first and foremost. Well it seems to me that this must have been very bad advice, because all it seems to do is get me shit on at every turn. People suck and I hate them. I hope there are lots of mass murders. I want to see more school shooting and acts of terrorism that hurt innocent people. I hope the number of serial killers rises to an all time high. I hope that everyone has something terrible happen to them and they suffer for a long damn time. I hope every single MF out there feels pain and agony in every single aspect of their pathetic life. And most of all I hope somebody shits all over them too when all they need is a little caring and compassion.

I'm angry because I am sick of being there for every one of my friends and the minute I try to say one damn thing about myself it's like they're not even listening. Either they don't believe that I get upset and pissed sometimes or they really don't give a shit. Either way it sucks but there's nothing i can do about it.

I met my current girlfriend 14 years ago. I went out with her 10 years ago, she split up with me because her brother raped her 13 years ago, and continually for 3 years. She lost her 'virginity' to one of his friends 8 years ago on a one night stand and has slept with 25 other people in the meantime. She wouldn't sleep with me though. She does now, but what does it mean to her? Am I a hypocrite for being angry? I want to let every one of the people that took advantage of this beautiful girl that they are shit, the shit of the earth. If I ever hear of one person bragging about it I will kill them, my life wouldn't be worth living without her and she just needs love, not the crap that the world has thrown at her. God is a piece of shit for letting this happen, there is no God, he wouldn't have let this happen.

My asshole boyfriend goes out of his way to sift through everything I own, every paper, every book to try and find something I've done that he can bitch at me for. He's selfish and obsessive. I'm going insane.

I am angry because I cant get a girlfriend. All else being equal, chicks always go for a jerky guy, not a nice guy. So for all you women talking about a guy who treated you bad, stop complaining, and give the nice guy a chance.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's not enough time in the day to do everything and think clearly. Also, that I am not having sex as much as I used to. And, oh yeah, I had to pay the IRS $5k this year for back-taxes.

everything came down on me at once. my grades fell, my best friend's boyfriend said he was in love with me, my boyfriend found out about it, i feel like im losing my best friends, AHHH!!!! I need anger management.

My asshole boyfriend doesn't stick up for me like he doesn't even care sometimes when someone insults me. I hate him!

my girlfriend does not understand that i need my own space sometimes.

I'm angry because everybody in the world is an idiot.

My girlfriend said she wanted to get married for three years. Then we have a baby and I tell her we should get married and she's "the one" and she dumps me.

I'm angry because I'm engage to a total asshole!! I just gave birth to his son 6 weeks ago, and he's in England and he didn't even appreciate all that I've gone through for his worthless piece of shit ass. Men Suck!! No Wonder Women Turn GAY!!!!

im 16 and never felt so alone. i feel like i can take a shotgun and unleash on anything that moves. my mother is always down on me cause im overweight. my dad doesnt do shit cept support the family. my brother is a crackhead pothead. im a pothead myself and am fed up with addiction. my sister in law had my brothers baby at the age of 19. i feel unwanted and unloved because of all these problems. this really isnt help, but i just wanted to bitch a little bit

I am angry because when I divorced I really felt my life was going to improve. But it didn't. Instead of leaving behind my emotionally disturbed husband I ended up raising on my own an emotionally disturbed child. I am in fear of her. She is very strong and violent. Although she's on medication and has seen doctor after doctor, it doesn't get any better. I am angry because I need help and I don't know where else to go. I wish all I was dealing with was a cheating lover or husband, that someday ends. This will continue until her or I are dead!

Today was my last day of school and I won't see anyone for 3 months! I don't know what I'm going to do for that long!!!! I will rot away to nothing!!!! I want to go back to school!!!!! I want to have a life!!!!

I love EXTREMELY spicy foods. The hotter, the better. The reason I a mad is that approx ten hours later I experience a level of suffering unknown to mortal man. The souls of the damned fall to their knees and weep at my hellish suffering. The pain is so intense that I tend to hallucinate. In my visions, I arrive at the ninth level of hell where Judas Iscariot shudders at my explosive pain and tells me that my bowels have truly incurred the wrath of the almighty.

I hate when senior citzens that say they are on a fixed income & they blow hundreds dollars($$$$) at the Atlantic City Casinos and/or have a house in florida for the winter. Being senior does not mean your poor($$$$). Senior citzenS need to grip on reality-- fucking cheap. Tired of that statement" i am on a fixed income" BETTER CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT & BROKERAGE ACCOUNT.. IT IS FLOWING($$$$$$)- YOU CHEAP SENIORS ... Fixed income seniors are you going to die with all that loot($$$$$$$$$$$$) cheap-o
senior have more disposable income then any income group
stop lying "i am on a fixed income" may God strike you down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband was in phoenix a year ago and met miss may 1986 and went home with her and slept with her. I am angry because one 15 minute session of putting his dick in her totally destroyed all I have believed in for the last 12 years of marriage, and left me with this huge, gaping hole that i just can't seem to make better. Even though we stayed together, it will never, ever be the same. I will never be the same.

my friends are totally unhelpful when i need help.

because this girl i go to school with has absolutley everything i want. but she acts like it's no big deal and she even complains about it sometimes! GGGGGOD I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am mad at people who throw the famous race card when something doesnt go their way. Tell a white guy no, its ok..tell a minority no..its racism!! I am Cuban and this even gets me mad...Everyone is accountable for there own actions. Only in America.

I am so angry that my wonderful perfect girlfriend, who i love more then anything in this sad world, lives so far away in another state, i miss her so much and it is eating me away by the second!

My wife my wife my wife my wife. She just does not get it. She's cluseless about 98% of the things she deals with.

My fricking wife never cooks me dinner, lunch, or breakfast.


My stupid english paper that has to be six pages long. Fuck!

I am angry because I am so fucking lazy. I tell myself, ok now we are going to get all that work done that i need to get done then I go do something stupid like watch t.v. and eat. I swear to god thatI have a serious problem. I am at least two months behind in the work i need to get done. I am going to be failure. Then there is the problem that no one seems to like me. It seems like even my so called friends don't like me, they constantly make fun of me even after i tell them to stop. My brother feels that he has to call me fag or gay ten times a day even when i'm not gay.

me and my boyfriend have just moved into a house together we are expecting a baby, I accidently found a photo in a box in our own bedroom under the bed, of his ex-girlfriend standing there naked in a thong, I think it is sick and now i can't stand to be near him.

I am tired of working for these corporations who are only concerened about the money and not their employees. I can't stand people who think they are better and don't smile. I am angry at myself for reacting to the world as I do.

i am angry because i just went to the why are you happy site and there are about five times as many entrys here as there are there. there must be more angry people than happy people in the world.

I a angry with the state Zinbabwe is in: what the fuck is up with this messed up life & society we live in these days? Dictatorship should be made illegal world-wide! That country has so much beauty and potetial –- he's fucking it up and should be stopped!


nothing ever works out the way i want it to. everytime i think something good is happening, i get my hopes up and then i just get let down. my life is just one big kick in the ass after another!

I'm angry because I can't get a fucking job and the people I interview with don't even have the common decency to return my calls!

I'm angry because people don't understand my high morals and strong values.

of everything ... this whole fucking world, filled with fucking lies ... and christians ... everyone is only out for them fucking selves ... the fucking cruelty ... the fucking pieces of shit who think their fucking superior ... the fucking hypocrosy we have to live through everday day of our lives ... my mind is pretty fucked up ... emotionally alone in this shitty world ... craving purity.

When you lend something that was a gift form your fiance and it comes back torn, tattered, ripped, bent and ruined how do you feel. how do you deal with it?

I am angry because I have an insensitive jerk for a boyfriend. On Valentines day he left and went to his parents house (he can't go one day without going to his parents house) then when he decided to come home at 11 o'clock at night he yells at me cause I didn't go over and talk to him. At no time did he say happy valentines day to me, because to him it's just another day no big deal. The only time I heard from him before he came home was when he called me to tell me that he just heard that one of my good friends died.

My whole birth plan went out the window. I went to all the trouble of finding a female obstetrician so that I might have some "protection" and sensitivity to my pregnancy. WRONG. I chose unwell. She didn't have the courage to do things other obstetricians do (ultrasounds, foreceps) and had to call others to do it. Had she taken my suggestion from the start for a cesarean then I would never be writing this. My poor daughter suffered a bruised little head, 24 hour hard labor, and injury to her shoulder from the foreceps because of it. Now, all I want to do is make love to my husband but I can't because three months out I still hurt. Damn her. Also, I'm angry about the lack of respect for patients (all the waiting and interruptions in the truncated doctor's visits). Fortunately for all, my daughter is healthy now and that makes all this pain and anger less so. Had she not been, god help that obstetrician.

A cavalier vet caused my cat to die. "Oh, its just a respiratory infection". Then he gave her all this medicine that just made her stop eating. Because it was supposed to be just a "simple" sickness, I kept on going through the most difficult treatments possible. Hope that she would get better made me do it. They force fed her. They put a tube down her throat to her stomach to make her eat. They stapled the tube to her little head. She had an IV in her arm. She lost 4 pounds in three weeks. She suffered and eventually I had to have her euthanized. Now my poor friend is gone and she suffered because of my love. I'm sorry Emo. Damn that vet and his "simple illness".

My emphysemic mother won't stop smoking and can't get around at all anymore because of it. Now she can't even walk 30 feet without being winded. It could have all been avoided. She will miss her granddaughter growing up because of her selfishness.

i am angry because i used to be a success and now i am a failure.


i have to work. Fascist WORLD!

I am angry because I can't talk to my mom about anything. She is a hypocrite about many things. For example, piercings, she got her navel pierced and I got one too, now she says that piercings are unsafe and a whole bunch of other things. Both our piercings turned out fine. She just screams at me for anything I say. It's either her way or no way.

I am surrounded by LOSERS with no purpose!

i'm angry because this guy that i like and have been dating for a while only wants me for sex and its like i'm only 14! i don't want to have to worry about sex, i just want a guy i can feel safe around!! men are so fucking clueless!!!! i'm also angry because i'm on prozac and i hate school and people and all the stupid bullshit i have to deal with everyday! i also hate how fucking shallow people are, why can't they use their heads?! and don't people know that just because some people are different then them they still have feelings? i'm also angry because my friend is getting an abortion, and i don't know how i feel about that, i mean i understand her situation, but it was also her fault she spread her legs. i'm angry again because for the past 7 years i've lived in michigan and i HATE it here!!! i also hate men!!! i wish i could understand my real dad and why he never called me for 10 years, i also want to understand why people are so fucking mean?

the girl i'm in love with for the first time just completely shut me out of her life without a reason. ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

my best friend on the net got married and says he still loves me but won't give her up. because my husband is a lying no good sorry sonofabitch who can't spend 15 minutes with me or his 3 kids but can kiss his friends ass for days at a time. because my job is a suckass nowhere shit hole. because i'm married and lonely as hell. because i have the biggest crush on this guy who doesn't know i exist. because i'm fucked.

I am angry because every time I tell the truth, tell it like it is, somebody doesn't like it. It hurts their little feelings. Well gee. Get over it. I don't mean just going around being abusive, I mean like when it counts and when it is important that's when I speak up and they don't like it. WELL SCREW EM. I should just let them mess themselves up and mess up their worthless lives. I try to help them and all I get in return is abused myself. I AM ANGRY BECAUSE I HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

my family has no money; we won't have money for christmas; it's gonna be the 1st xmas without a xmas tree, and i live in a shithole, and i can't do anything to help my family out, cuz i'm "too young". plus, i've been in love with the most sexy and charming and greatest girl in the world for 2 years now, and i finally turned out to be her best friend, and for her sleeping with me would be like sleeping with her brother, and i have no chances, but i really love her ... and for the 1st time, i feel like i can't do anything about anything.

I have to deal with stupid dumbass people who think that they know everything that there is to know. They argue every word I say because they think they know it all. I'm educated! Their not! I'm smart! They're dumb! I'm right! They're wrong! It pisses me off!

I'm angry because I make all A's in college but I can't get a job because I'm not a suprmodel. And people who have the jobs are stupid dumbass morons who don't know what 2 + 2 is. But god forbid they actually hire a QUALIFIED person who knows what they're doing. Who fucking knew you had to be 5'9" and 70 lbs, blonde and big tits to be a COMPUTER EXPERT!! Jesus christ! It pisses me off!

I'm angry because I can't get to read newsgroups ever since I got a computer, and I can't afford $300 for WebTV service plus $30 a month for my computer ISP!! At least WebTV can access newsgroups, but you sure as fuck can't use newsgroups on a computer!!! Pisses me off!!!!

I'm angry because people are mindless sheep who accept anything that's enforced upon them. Now they have these fucking machines in airports that takes a NAKED photo of you and is stored perminately, so everyone can fucking see you naked!!!!! It's my fucking right to not be seen naked!! God damn it!!!

My boyfriend will only have sex when he feels like it. Hello! I have needs too! I'm the one recieving and letting you grunt over me, so you'd better get over yourself, otherwise you can go back to using your hand!

I'm fat.

The first man I fell in love with and went to bed with lied to me about things. He lied about being married, lied about getting a divorce, lied about having a kid. Just an all out lying bastard. To top it all, after 30 years, I find out he was into enemas, BDSM, and liked men giving it to him up his ass. Thank goodness I never married him. Now he wonders why his wife of 36 years is unhappy, well, DUH!!! When you enjoy watching her with other men and women, tying her up and treating her like a submissive ass, what do you expect moron? All that pisses me off, and yes I am angry and I hate his guts.

I am angry beacause my boyfriend won't talk to me. He says everything is "fine" but I can tell it isn't. I hate feeling this way. I know something is up and it is really getting to me. Ever since he came back from his trip he has been acting strange. TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

i am angry because i luv someone who only pretends and lies that he loves me just so that i'll fuck him the next time we're 2gether! i feel lonely, unwanted, not good enough and most of all ... ANGRY!! i hate him, i hate him, i HATE HIM!!

I live in sarasota Florida and this place is a tourist attraction for shriveled corpses over 60 years of age. They come down here during the holidays and clog up the traffic by driving 25 mph in a 45 mph zone while in the passing lane. These are the stupid people who hold us up at the stoplight because they will not move up to the white line to make the light change nor will they zoom thru the light on a left hand turn because they are too scared!!!!!! THEY MAKE ME ANGRY!!!

my bastard of an ex-boyfriend WILL NOT leave me alone!!! he works at the local store in town (really the only store besides the grocery store) and every time I go there he follows me around like a stalker ... it creeps me out and even my really buff cousin hasn't scared him off! I get so angry whenever he gets near, because of what he did. first he cheated on me with like 4 different girls from different places, then he raped one of my friends and I'm pissed more than ever. I wish I could kill him in the most terrible way.

i loved her very much ... but now i know she was cheating me ... i hate all the females except my mother ...

I am angry because the U.S. ellowed Bin Laden to sneak 2 small nuclear devices into america in november. Now I have to worry about a nuke attack on Christmas day at my parent's this year. This is tru! it was just on the news.


I angry because i have to work on chrismas eve and hear all these whinning old people complain. i'm also angry that i fell in love with a girl who already has a girlfriend that treats her like shit. this is for all the dumb bitches that don't appreciate your girllfriends. You are all ASSHOLES.

... because whenever I try to read the Bible, in an attempt to better myself and restore my faith, I am only reminded how much of a whore and sinner I really am and that my fate is waiting for me in hell. I am God's little joke; set up to fail.


I am angry bacause: I cannot be normal ... i mean i always have to f.... up someting ...i do not know how to show people that i really care about them ... also i am angry on myself because i am not studying enough ... and i am angry becasue i am smoking! these are only a few things that i am angry about

My boyfriend has taken over $150,000 out of my bank account 1 day after making it joint, we have been together for 11 years, I have lost my home, he has given me HIV, I am angry that my Mother who knows my situation said, "don't bring me your problems, I have a problem, I can't get 1st class seating on my holiday flight". I am more angry that in 2 days I will be homeless, I have had a nervous breakdown, I will have to live in my car! I am going to loose my job becuase I have had a nervous breakdown "we can't afford a loose cannon here" was my bosses words after 9 years good service and hours and hours of unpaid overtime, not to mention saving over $16,000 for the IT department. I am angry becuase I love my cat dearly but can't take him with me and he will be so ill treated when i am gone, I am angry with life and the shit it has dealt me, I am angry that I won't ever be a mother, I am angry that my mother told me that she wished I had died at birth, I am angry because right now, i need a cuddle and some comfort and i know that that will never be available to me again, I am angry that I have always prayed to God and now i begin to doubt his existence, I am angry that I doubt i will ever go to heaven, because I can't forgive.

My mom releases all of her anger on the world on me. My dad is getting older, grouchier, and not listening. I go through eight periods of gut wrenching torturous crap then get home just to get in a fight with another parent. Teachers hate me.

i'm fucking angry because my husband doesn't like going out with me and he likes going out with his friends.

once again I'm involved with a woman I'm really not attracted to, I was tired of being alone. After a month I was tired of her and ended it. so again i'm back where I was.

I lost half my nose and cheek in a freak chemical spill. My mother tries to suggest there is some god purpose to it. I don't mind being ugly but being repulsive is way too much to take. On sight people cringe, I don't blame them I would too. I look like a fucked up monkey after losing so much weight and the scars. I don't care about love, I just never did, but this state is so removed from human contact I find myself weeping. Not tears just in my head this crushing sense of self pity. I know there are people out there that just want to experience what it is like to kill another human being but I have yet to find them. I have morphine so they could be as brutal as they wanted to. Just see what it's like. What human life is all about. Come on you fuckers find me.

I hate when people with no education or a clue have the nerve to make fun of me and insult me because I am not a degenerate redneck like they are. Even a 2 year old can use bigger words than full grown adults use to insult me with. I hate uneducated people!!! GO TO SCHOOL!!!!!

I am angry because all you people are wasting energy being angry ... get out and see the world ... see pass the bullshit. It is all self created and you can make it go away you just have to be willing to see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trapped on this damn primitive _planet_, at a low level of tech where I have to live at 1g., surrounded by beings who believe in property and gods.

I'm angry because someone is complaining about their $150,000 bank account when I'm dirt poor and I'll never see even $1000 if I lived to be 100!

i am angry because my home was robbed and i believe that someone that claims to be my friend did it. don't worry you will get whats coming you low down scum sucking ass hole

My girlfriend is a fucking liar.

i hate growing up

people never try to see the beauty in things. The world could be this big happy passionate place full of sicerety and love and respect, but people never try, never try to talk about things that matter to them, never try to show their love for people, never ever ever even ever understood what true passion for anything is. Their just content to sit around, go to work, watch TV, sit in pub. It could be so good, but instead it's stagnant.

I get angry and then I get over it. Because I know it can't stay that way. So some of you need to do the same thing

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to have a child. After trying for 2 months I was pregnant. The day after I told him I was pregnant ... he left me for his ex-girlfriend ... I hate him!

I am angry because I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we have an 8 month old son and he won't marry me.

I am angry at all of the stupid and heartless women out there that leave thier newborn babies in the trash or anywhere left to die, it seems like every month I hear it in the news. What the fuck is wrong with you women. I have a 8 month old son and I could never ever live without him. I wish the same punishment onto those women when they die, to be left alone, cold and hungry with no one to help you. Those women are a sorry excuse for human life.

I am angry because employees at my sales job are very unethical and deceiving to customers. The management does not care -- as long as the get high sales and bonus, they don care!!!!!!!!!!! The little guy, who does his job right and ethical gets fucked.

a guy who claimed to love me was going out with someone else for over 6 months. he'd go out with her, then come home and call me for phone sex. had more lies than bill gates has money. and she thinks he's all that! she can have his sorry ass.

I don't understand life and it's intricate design and how everything seems to go wrong because I always seem to make the wrong decisions. I'm angry because those decision are perceived to be wrong now and could be right at some later time. I'm angry because not any apsect of life is easy and everything has to be soooo fucking hard. I'm angry because I can't seem to figure anything out, and if I do, I seem to find out there is more to figure out. I'm angry because I was born with depression and as much as I try to believe that I don't have put to up with it, it just kicks my ass back to the ground and makes me realize I have only limited control over my own emotions. I'm angry because I don't understand the nature of reality. I'm tired of being sick and sick of being tired. I'm angry that I believe that life is a journey because my jounry sucks, and I'm angry that as self-realized as people think I am I don't know SHIT!!! I blindly live my life as best I can and am constantly making mistakes. Well then. I'm no longer angry. Now i'm just tired. I'm tired of being tired. I guess there isn't anything to do now but be happy. =)

someone is harassing me. She won't leave me alone, and posts nasty untruths about me on the net. My friends scolded her and now she's stalking them too! Now she has also posted horrible things about them online. She also insists that I'm the one harassing her and refusing to leave her alone when really, I just don't want to see her at all! I avoid going out when she's back (she studies overseas) so that I won't run into her, I don't go for dinners when she's around and I'm really sick of this! If I keep mum, she'll think I'm a coward and carry on bullying me. When I complain about it, she totally goes on the warpath. I hate her! I wish I could kill her! But if I did that, I'd be condemned to hell with her for eternity!

I'M ANGRY BECAUSE, so many of you waste your time being angry at the world and everyone in it and not taking responsibility for your own actions. We're all at a particular stage in our lives because of the choices WE have made. (the above applies to adults over the age of 21) Wake up tomorrow morning and say "THIS IS MY LIFE, I AM TAKING CONTROL OF IT AND WHETHER I SUCCEED OR FAIL I WOULD HAVE TRIED MY BEST TO MAKE MY SELF HAPPY" If you're in an unhappy marriage then get OUT of it. If you hate your job, quit and find another one. Remember, life is too short to waste time complaining and not doing.

My husband is a psychopath.


I am angry because my husband of 4 years is a complete narcissist. Everything is me, me, me. He can go skiing without me and then when I make plans without him he gets offended. He's always throwing a fit and I never know when he'll rage over the next petty thing or nothing at all. I seriously think he has a personality disorder and I've told him to mellow out, but that goes through one ear out the other. He screams, name calls, breaks things ... and then he wonders why I'm sleeping in our daughter's room and not wanting to have sex with him. "HELLO"!

I dont have the courage to commit suicide.

Eternal Darkness is forever delayed. NINTENDO YOU SUCK

I am angry because our govenment has people in the entertainment industry to make TV ads that say people who buy drugs help support terrorists. This is complete BS. Our own government gave the Afghans arms, and money back when the Soviet Union was at war with them. Sure some drug money is going to terrorists, but think about it the only drug they have is opium, and you can make heroin with that. So if you are a freaking heroin junkie, then yeah you are supporting the terrorists. If you are a pot smoker like 75% of the nation is, then you money goes to mexico, or to local growers. I am upset that our government is covering up the Enron situation, which most of capitol hill was involved with, not to mention the good ole pres, and vice pres. I am upset because our country was built on lies, and continues to grow on lies. The fat cats in the white house, and the government are too worried about covering their own faults, and saving face rather than protecting this country. I am upset that this so called GOD of ours allows catholic priests to molest little boys and girls. I am upset that the catholic church has been hiding this for years.

I saw a European man drown a stray dog with his own bare hands in Thailand. I tried to stop him but it was too late. I asked him why he did it. And he told me he was a practical man and the dog had bit his daughter. I understand that it is not safe to have stray dogs running around biting people. But, there are more humane ways of dealing with strays. The image still fucking haunts me!

I saw a street kid inhaling gasoline on the street. He looked so scared.

I am angry because this country has been taken over completely by unscrupulous bastards who will do anything for a buck. Enron, the Bush Administration, and the Democrats are hardly any better. Even on a grass-roots level in small business, so often people decide that what they need to do to get ahead is to cheat people. We are going through a dark time. What are you going to do about it?

The Christian right is wrong.

I am angry because my ex-girlfriend is probably rebounding to the guy who's been putting the moves on her for a year. All this 24 hours after we breakup. And we live together, so I have to deal with her bullshit day in and day out.

I'm a teacher, dedicating my talents and intelligence to what I thought was a helpful profession and earning terribly low pay, and too many of my students are lazy, resentful of the assignments I so carefully plan to help them learn, don't show up, whine whine whine whine whine because they missed something by skipping classes or when I refuse to accept late work or don't phone or email them back five minutes after they leave a message for me. I'm angry at myself that I chose this profession -- I should have known you can't help people who won't help themselves. I'm angry at the taxpayers for not coughing up enough money to pay me a living wage for this incredibly difficult job, for the administrators for putting up with it then adding student load to our classes as if that helps us or the students. I'm angry at parents for raising kids with such rotten work ethics (as if it'll help the kids succeed in life) and not using birth control when clearly they hadn't thought out the responsibilities of parenthood. I'm angry at the notion of "students rights" which give students so many rights, they now have the right to finish university still functionally illiterate, and I'm mad at american society in general for fostering pure laziness and a lack of sense of responsibility. I know there must be some problem in me I must solve to move through this anger, but so many forces seem to be battering me 60 hours a week, I can't achieve enough quietness to look inside myself. I can't wait until i can change jobs and work in a quiet basement somewhere, typing reports and never ever ever again speaking to anyone under the age of 25.

I'm not angry at anything. When I do get angry, however, I just pick up my guitar and play. When I play my guitar I just forget that this world is filled with situations that contradict my own opinions. My soul pours into the music I make, which makes me content, satisfied. Everybody has something that releases their aggrivation. The tricky part is finding what that "thing" is. Maybe it's something you already do, but you just don't realize it yet. If your lives are making you unhappy or angry, then do the necessary changes to rid yourselves of that burden.

I am angry because my husband forgot about me on valentine's day.

My FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT computer is so FUCKING slow and the damn piece of SHIT froze while i was talking on the internet!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't seem to find myself. Who am I? What do I want in life? It is frustrating!

I am angry because just when I decide to dump my wonderful asshole boyfriend, I didn't go through with it. Now I have this constant headache because I am not satisfied with his attitude. His attitude is still the same minus the activity I wanted him to stop doing. He has never cheated on me and makes me dinner and calls to tell me he loves me but I just don't feel like I am completely respected by him. He makes insensitve remarks sometimes and I wish that he would just go away so I can have peace of mind. I am an artist and my creativity is totally stumped because of this. I am overweight and I have no ambition and drive and I love my boyfriend but he causes me mental anguish because I am afraid to let him go but I really think I should.

i hate mostly everything and i am seriously pissed off every waking hour

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