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I am sick of my brother-in-law whining and moaning and feeling sorry for himself and constantly saying and doing things to get attention from his family!!!!!! Get over it you BIG SELFISH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I waited 33 years to have a child. I passed up men who truly loved me and then finally I gave a selfish, inconsiderate, sadistic man my first child. He left me at 3 months pregnant, fought me in court for child support ... we got back together and got an apartment. I layed out close to $12,000 on my credit cards. He stayed up nights on his computer and ignored me. Then he left. I hate him.

all of my fellow students in graduate school want to change the world, but they lack the insight to even treat one another courteously!

my live in boyfriend broke my heart to the core, we are over, but i'm sad and lonely and i need him back even though i know he will only hurt me even more, i'm confused and just want to hide.

my wife doesn't understand that just because she withholds sex doesn't mean that my desire for it follows suit. There is always someone out there that is willing to give it up, usually with less hassle, and the more she tries to manipulate me with it, the greener the grass gets on the other side. Some one should invent "CAN-O-CUNT" so men can buy it and tell all these bitches to drop dead!

There are ignorant rednecks in the world that hurt people just because of their race or nationality. They act like they are the cream of the crop in society and yet they hold outdated, unenlightened views. When I have to listen to their crap or worse, see someone else hurt by the things they LOUDLY say, at first I want to pound their heads but then I think, no it would be better if I just pray for them.

I am angry because of my life. Just recently I learned that My parents weren't married when i was born. So now everything about my life that i thought was real ... seems to be just a lie. I've been through so much right now. My Parents have divorced. My family is falling apart. My Youngest brother and Mom live 5,000 miles away. I feel like my relationship with my Best Friend is falling apart. I'm starting to Feel Like GOD'S Torture Toy. I wish for just once i could be happy. That i could Feel Normal. That i could feel loved. I have always thought that people would love you for who you are and not for what you look like ... i've learned that's a lie. Everything's a lie My life is falling apart. God help me.

i'm angry because my ex-girlfiend did all she could to have me and when she had me she dumped me like a dog. but i found out that god is too big and he opened my eyes and showed me the world and the world is to beautiful to complain.

i am angry because people always talk ill about others without any solid proof. it is sheer injustice. it is sheer folly.

i'm fat, ugly and have no man in my life.

Lesbians who think they are better than straight women. Who the hell let you become queen dike?

My boyfriend doesn't fuck me, doesn't kiss me, but says he loves me, and then looks at porn on the internet and jacks off. I'm angry because I had my pick of guys and i always pick the ones that show the least amount of interest and make them fall in love with me, then i ask them all the time if they really love me. I'm a dumbass. I'm angry because my father is dead and i never understood him. I'm angry because I am scared to be alone. I'm angry because I let him hit my kids. I'm angry because when he isn't home they sit downstairs with me and we are happy. I'm angry cause he has to be stoned to be nice. I'm angry because I want to have a normal sexual relationship with someone. I'm angry because i always think people are child molesters. I'm afraid that i'm crazy.

I am angry because my dumb ass friend is letting her stupid thumbsucking girlfriend tell her what to do and keep her from being my friend. i'm also angry that she stuck her big fucking nose where it didn't belong, now she can't handle what she found out. well the hell with you and your childish girlfriend.

i loved her very much ... but now i know she was cheating me ... i hate all the females except my mother ...

I am angry, sad and upset because everyone else seems to have a better life than me with their perfect families, jobs, spouse, etc and I have none of those.

bulimia is ruining my life, and I don't have enough guts to tell anyone or ask for help.

Because every holiday, I get stuck helping out with the cooking, and I am the ONLY ONE who does the dishes! All the fucking dishes every goddamn time. My sister never helps with shit, she's married and has 2 small children, and I am single, so is that my fucking punishment for being single and motherless – to do all the goddamn hard work all the fucking time? FUCK!!!!

I am too nice for my own good and get shit on all of the time. So to anyone that thinks being beautiful will make you happy you are wrong. To anyone that thinks that being smart or getting your education or any of that bullshit ... I am the lonliest person alive, I wish I could live in space, it's beyond lonliness. All I have is a practice room with a Steinway which I am dedicated to and for what?

I live in the worst place ever. I lived in Toronto, Canada and then we moved to a small city in Texas. It's so dumb and boring, I am wild and happy but ever since I've come here I've been angry at everyone. I HATE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!! LIFE SUCKS!

I am angry because the only guy who's interested in me wants to have casual sex and nothing more. The guy I like only wants to be freinds.

I am 23. I recently graduated from a prestigious university with honors. I moved to New York City without a job after graduation hoping to find my nitch in the design world. Well after going through my savings in three months and going on interview after interview, it was time to call it quits and move back home. I am angry beacuse I am a talented, ambitious, and smart individual and nobody will give me a fucking chance! I am angry because I am living at home with my parents and can't find work. Was all that work in college for nothing? What am I doing wrong?

My life is so boring, and even I am so boring that i get maximum 2 phone calls from "friends" a week. Hate to be me!

I don't have one friend worth keeping. Oh yeah, except for the one I just told how I feel about him ... why do I do this to myself?

I'm angry because I keep breaking my heart. I love the drama so much, that when it's not there, I create it for myself. So I'm miserable, angry, frustrated and alone, and it's all my own fault.

what ever my husband earns, he gives it to his mom, dad, sisters and brother. I hate all of them.

I am angry because I work with dirtbags who come out of Prison and don't have a remorseful bone in their pathetic bodies for the kids they sexually assaulted or the women they have raped, but are making twice what I do and get pissed when I send them back to Prison for not paying their restitution. These guys should be forced to serve in the Afganistan Army so we can kill them, legally.

I am angry because: My co-workers won't talk to me; I am threatend every day with being fired for not "paying attention to datail" but they won't tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it; I am angry that someone decided that the only way to get his point across was to kill thousands of innocent Americans whose only crime was going to work to provide for their families; I am angry that there are pepole getting welfare who don't deserve it while people who could use it are too proud to ask for it; I am angry that Bill Clinton "got away" with it; I am angry that I don't have more friends; I am angry that the people who said they were my "friends," won't talk to me anymore becaues I chose not to be a Police Officer anymore; Most of all, I am angry because every time I have asked for God's help, he has given it and yet I haven't done a single thing for him.

i broke up with me girlfriend before a week! It was my choice ... but now i want her back!!! She wants me back too but i am so confused ... i don't know what to do! I feel so empty without her ... but i don't know if it's the right choice to be again together!!!

this bitch who has been making my life miserable is coming back from overseas today! I hate her coz she acts really sweet in front of our friends, and acts victimised by me when she's been taking advantage of me, walking on the border of harassment, she's a hypocrite, she pretends to be kind, but on the pretext of putting me down. I hate her and I am really really really angry.

i am angry because the men in my life are driving me fucking nuts!!!!!

men suck ass. my husband takes me for granted, i have been screwing my best friend, and now i'm addicted to his cock. but now i have to stop screwing him. i'm pissed off!!!!

My husband is a lazy ass. He can't seem to get a fire under his butt unless I nag and nag and nag, which only leads to resentment and guilt. I can't STAND it!

my girl just got up and left. no real explanation, just it's over, now she won't even acknowledge that i'm even around. why must women be so dificult, you want us to listen and all, but when we are willing, you have nothing to say!

i am angry because my boy friend came late and made me wait. for the first time i felt like he ignored me.

I was nice to a guy that wasn't worth my time, and then I started to really like him ... but when he realized I, who am above him, liked him, he thought he could get anyone to like him, a more "popular" person ... and he really is nothing. I don't know why I wasted my time on him at all.

I am angry because at 49 yrs of age I have nothing in life to look forward to except more pain, loss, and fear.

I live together with my boyfriend and he has a rotten daughter who makes my life a living hell, she has ruined my relationship, my life, my happiness, everything, and sometimes I wish I was dead ...

Love not returned. Dissed. Even though I was sincere and true. He was supposed to fly in for us to see each other again, but his poor, lame, excuse was that he didn't want to leave his dog of ten years. And I fell for him! I am so mad.

I'm angry because i work in a hi rise condo on miami beach where a bunch of rich snobby assholes call me everyday to complain that something is broken in there godamn apt. THEY THINK JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE MONEY SOMEONE SHOULD JUMP AS SOON AS THEY SNAP THEIR FINGERS I WANT TO TELL THEM ALL TO KISS MY ASS!!!!!!


I hate everything, and I hate everyone, and I also hate everything about everyone. The perfect world would be one in which only I existed, alone in my perfect anger.

I am angry because i can't go back to my country Pakistan because of the fears of war. Thanks a lot to this idiot Bush!

i am angry because i fail to put God first in my life, and then i wonder why things go wrong in my life! God has a great plan for all of our lives, but we must put Him first in all things if we want to experience all of the wonderful things he has planned for us!!! I need to be more grateful for what i have and quit complaing about what i don't have!!!!! i have a great husband, two great kids, good health, a great life!!! what's wrong with me?!? i'm angry with myself!!!!!

I'm angry because I'm almost 40, I have a great paying job that I HATE, I live alone and have no man in my life, and no children. Because my ex-boyfriend who was emotionally abusive and gave me herpes is STILL trying to get me back even though he rarely treated me with respect when we were together and we have absolutely nothing in common. Because the new guy I dated and fell for dumped me after one month because he wasn't "ready for a long-term relationship." And because all of my friends are into their own relationships and have completely abandoned me. So I am totally alone.

Because my husband seems to think he can flirt and talk with other women, I would love to rip his face off.

i am angry because 90% of the people on this planet are dumb and hardly ever think of anything else but themselves, sex and money. there are things beyond that.

Because I hate women who cheat with married men. And the men who cheat with them!!

their are so many assholes in the world and they are screwing things up by being here. Some assholes are saying now to forgive the atrocity of Sept 11, I hate their yellow belly lack of passion and humanity. Anyone that says forgive this sucks wet ones.

I am pissed and angry because my daughter took back her abusive husband, who sat in jail all summer for hitting her, and now she tells us that if we can't accept this man that she doesn't want anything to do with us! We helped her all summer with groceries, money, etc., and now she shits on us!!! Damn!!!!!!!!

Nothing interests me, I feel fucking lonely, and I can't even release my anger with this writing!

bin Laden took my friends lives, and now my job. I would love to rip his fucking heart out ...

The friends I thought would help me out have cheated me and hurt me a lot.

Because we dont make enough money ... shit ...

My boyfriend has Schizophrenia, and I take care of him night and day, I treat him well. He treats me like shit, he hits me, and puts me down. Women hate me because I have a nice face and tits, and men constantly hit on me when I go out. My boyfriend gets mad at this every day and takes it out on me.

Failure and diappointment await me around every turn in this life. I'm 31 years old and very, very tired of it all.

Because she never really loved me and she played me for a fool, while spending time with other men, I loved her and I'm hurt.

there is no response from my sweetest friend.

someone who I thought was my friend for many years has no time for me anymore. He told me he doesn't care about me or anything I do or say and he doesn't wish to ever hear from me again. He feels I did SOMETHING to him and never explained what. I would just like to know and at the very least end our relationship with some understanding between us. He will not speak to me on the phone, he will not answer my emails and he changed his screen name so I cannot instant message him. When I try to communicate - he writes abusive emails telling me he is not interested in anything I have to say. I am so ANGRY because I don't know what has happened.



it is frustrating not being able to control my anger.

Because I *know* how to deal/heal my depression, but I enjoy being dark and dreary. Because I'm too hyper and outgoing for my own good and it's just a mask I wear to hide my fears. Because I have taken too much for granted only to have recognized it the day of the terrorist attacks. Because I'm still awake at 7 a.m. and I have too much to do this afternoon, but I'll put it off because I'll be so tired. I need to practice what I preach!

My Boy friend is not listening to me ...

i want to be someone, and it just isn't happening. i've seen all the problems of poverty and being the unfortunate one all the time through my 19 years of life so far. and just thinking that 60 more years of this same SHIT could occur kills me! i have to do something important that everyone can look up to and respect. i want to make a ton of money and just take care of my family and not watch my mom look for job after job and watch my little sister never get the toys she wants. i'm sick of being poor, it's the worst feeling i think anyone can have, and i'm fucking neck deep in this state of financial debt and fear. i just want my hard working mother to be able to rest, and i swear to god if i have to toil and slave over shit work for the rest of my life for them to be happy, i'll do it! just let me get the car payment this month, let me afford groceries just one more time.

Don't know why ... but i'm very angry.

The girl I loved was taken today right under my eyes.

I am a single mother of 2 girls whom have different fathers, and it's so hard to make it as a single mother, and my youngest is 6 and has a peice of shit dad who would rather go to prison or move somewhere, trying to hide out, so he doesn't have any responsibilities. He's left 3 innocent children (2 from his ex wife) and our 1, moved away without even telling anyone. Just so happened I found his ass (through the grapevine) anyways I'm done bitching for now. Have a great life, even though mine pretty much sucks. The best thing in my life right now is my new man. He's the bomb!!

I am dating the stupidest fuck on the face of the earth ! It's a long distance relationship and the only thing that he has to remember is to call every once in a while. I write the letters, send the cards and packages ... and all he has to do is remember fucking phone call night. After weeks of unanswered messages, late night calls ... I suggested phone call nights. Once a week on a designated day ... we call each other. We each take a turn!! Last wed. was the first ever phone call night and he forgot ... tonight is the second and he forgot. I am so angry ... if he didn't already have a plane ticket ... I would toss him to the curb !! Grrrr.....

becouse i have a sex problem.

because people owe me money ... for over 5 months and i'm pissed off with their crap excuses. It's mine, I need it, they don't ... simple, isn't it?

I just read all the angry feelings people have, and it made me upset, because it seems too many people are not happy, c'mon folks, let's all get together and FIGHT FOR HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!

I am a bitch and i can't help it and its ruining my relationship with a wonderful guy.

I am angry because every guy I date thinks i'm so nice and sweet and ends up walking all over me. Don't guys like nice girl who treat them good. No, they seem to like the women who treat them mean and cheat, and are jealous of. Men make me sick some time.

I'm angry because My boyfriend, well ex boyfriend now, is an asshole a long with other things. and I'm sick and tired of all the bullshit the lies the using cheating. I have blonde hair blue eyes 5'4 105 lbs tongue pierced I am a nice person I love football hockey cars boxing and I love to party. Why does this always happen to me?

because when I drink I turn into a psycho, chasing my friends and trying to kill them. and I don't know how to stop it, my father has a terrible anger and i think maybe i got it off him but worse he manages to control it. Because I don't know what's real anymore. I think I have been more violent since I was accidentaly kicked in the head.

I'm not angry about anything right now but I want to submit something to this awesome site!

I am lonely

My boyfriend made me cancel another holiday that I had already booked because he thought he would surprise me by taking me away for my birthday, but he was called away on business and he could not take me away. He told me he would make it up to me and that I could trust him to rebook within a couple of weeks. One fucking month later I asked him if he had rebooked and his reply was, "Had not even given it a thought" I was devasted by his reply and now I am so fucking angry!

Terrorists are the biggest ************* on earth.

my boyfriend is an asshole. he was supposed to come and visit me this weekend but plans fell through and instead he stayed up at school and got drunk with a bunch of strangers and didn't even act like it was a big deal that he didn't call me to see how i was doing and he just blew me off. i hope he gets sicks and pukes his guts out all day long and that no one takes care of him.

my ex-boyfriend chose drugs over me! I'm pissed off cuz my 7yr. old has major problems with anger & he has ADHD which is very stressful & concidering that I don't have him at this moment because of my anger problems I have. My mom has him & is about to call it quits on him, that makes me feel like shit as a person & as a mother cuz I can't handle my own child right now. I have no idea what I'm suppose to do!!

Stupid fucking Heald College is a fucking joke. The teachers suck and are there just to get a paycheck. They don't care about teaching you anything and will give A's like it is going out of style. It doesn't matter to them that the next quarter you are going to fail the second part of the class because they actually taught you NOTHING. Oh, and don't bother going to the Administration and complaining about it. All they will say is that "Well, you got an 'A' your first quarter." They don't fucking care. They just want the money. Stupid fucking assholes. I fucking hate them. They have wasted my time and my money. Fuck you, Heald.

karma kicked my ass. i just now became jaded when i found out my "whatever" was hooking up with everyone in San diego and got at me when i did ... once!!!

my ex-boyfriend is being a total a$$hole. He was my first and I was his first and now he is totally ignoring me ... and his new girlfriend is now saying that she is going to "beat me up" b/c I "want him back" and she thinks she is better than me ... HA HA That's a big joke! She is ugly! AHHHH

I have no skill at anything.

my girlfriend is a psychopathic cunt.

I am angry because I have everything and anything I could possibly wish for yet still I feel sadness and pain everyday. My life is wonderful, yet I still feel alone, with no direction or ambition?? there's no reason for this insanity ... yet I am what I am ...

my girl friend refused to be my best friend and lover.

I`m not angry ... i own a gun. People just call me nuts, but it gives inner peace to shoot some wiseass who thinks he can say anything he wishes to upon you. Done 7 years for murder in the 1st degree, was it worth it? Hell yes. I see this world as modern slavery, working your ass off for a few lousy bucks witch you turn in the same day on bills. Systems and rules are good ... if they applied to everyone. But the rich skip the trouble and we are fucked. The world was build by us honest, hard working low income people. But its ruled by the ones with money. but all i ask for from everyone ... that's respect. And i'm sick and tired of taking all the crap people have to say about me, but with a gun in their face, they'll get smaller by the second.



Because I'm adopted. Because nobody ever looks past my face. Because my 'friends' are jealous & treat me like shit. Because I can't be good without being uncool. Because I can't be bad without being uncool. Because I can't find the One. Because other women are assholes to you if you're pretty. Because men think "I want it." Because people are dying, children are starving, people are beating their dogs. Because of child porn. Because of the US being so damn dirty. Because my car got keyed. Because I'm not a rich boob-jobbed bitch with 8 homes. Because I'm not a doctor. Because I'm not someone else. Because I can't appreciate all I do have. And ... just fucking because.

your anger makes me SMILE ... FOOLS!



My ex-girlfriend dumped me for another guy after a 2 year relationship. The thing is, I have been the one trying to break up with her but everytime I tried, she either slit her wrists or whined like a bitch and I just chickened out like a little bitch.

Because my collect call got refused last night.

my co-workers are all jack-offs.

You have to be super gorgeous to get a job. And you need a car to be a technician and I was never taught how to drive. I've got it worse than the short end of the stick. I don't even have a chance in life of being something when I am damn SMART enough for it!

One so-called friend of mine said a bunch of horrible nasty shit about my fiance just because she can't get a man. Another so-called friend of mine always talks so disrespectful to me, keeps me waiting for 5 hours every time she says she's coming over or she doesn't show up at all; like she thinks she's just so cool, so rich, and so popular and I have nothing compared to her. Well I DO have things to do! I am a human being, damn it!!!

You try to be nice to people and they just turn around and throw it in your face because they think that they are better than you.

I was a good loving wife and he cheated on me. I can't get over it.

I have no fucking life, and never ever will, till I am at the fucking age of 80! By then I will be fucking dead!

I am Hurt

I'm angry because my best friends acts like the biggest bitch in the world and i try to back off and forget about her for a while but she always comes back and acts like she gotta have everything, like she's the bombs and she is sooooo ugly and she acts just like a baby. i hate that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


My Tiger Woods game just crashed and I had a big lead!

Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy because my stepmother died yesterday every one is crying but all i can do is laugh and laugh ... the reason i'm happy over that is because she was always beating on me and my brothers but now we don't have to worry about that cuz she's gone forever and never coming back!!!!!! yes ... thank God

My ex has a new girlfriend!!!

deadbeat dad

the rules keep changing -- and I am always the last to know. People can treat you like dirt and it's ok -- I am expected to take it and say nothing -- turn the other cheek. I am angry because I am tired of coming up on the short end of the stick and having it crammed down my throat everytime I turn around.

I feel that all the pressure is on me. Not getting help from my brothers and sister while my mom's sick. My brother that I did a lot for when he split up with his wife seems like he doesn't appreciate me or love me at all. Stress is getting the best of me.

why do people blame me for their fuckin' insecurites?

Why do fat asses complain because they have to work? Get off your lazy ass and work just like everyone else!

I'm angry because a lot of things in my life are wrong and I can't think of a way to blame anybody but myself.

A former friend of mine acted like he was on my side when I got divorced. Well of course all dick-bearers stick together. I found out he was spying on me and going and feeding information to my asshole ex husband. Who incidentally was screwing my other (female) so-called friend. Actually I am angry because my life sounds like a f***ing soap opera.

I feel like I'm not getting a fair chance at life and I'm never going to be anything. I feel like everyone is trying to bring me down!!!

my neighbors think having a dog and being nosy is a virtue.

I went to meet my 'friend' at a train station, but I didn't know what ticket to get, so I thought I'd wait until she got there and ask her. Then, as the train pulled up, she rushed me over to get the train and I told her I couldn't get on because i didn't have a ticket yet. She got shitty at me then, and then got on the train without me and left me standing there!!!! Can you believe it??? what a bitch!!!

I got into a fight with a friend and I said a few things I didn't mean and now I feel like shit.

I always try to protect my home even when my husband made an affair with another women I forgave him to keep our family togather. every one's feelings are important except mine. I have to be there for every one but no one is there for me when I need someone. I have to be always strong and smiling all the time and never complain even if I'm sad or angry.

I am ugly.

How do you possibly think positive when everytime you step out your front door the entire world places NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES on everything you do?

so many drivers suck. I admit, I'm a road-rager. I get extremely pissed when other drivers aren't paying attention or doing something stupid WHILE driving. I'll try to be constructive: 1) Don't talk on the phone. It's not too much to ask, and you're not that important in that you need to be in contact with the office all goddamn day. Get a hands-free set-up, or (if you're so
fucking critical to the functioning of your workplace) get a chauffeur. Plenty of unemployed dot-commers out there to hire. 2) Don't wait until you're 100 ft. from your exit to get over. 3) Use the turn signal. Ask for help if you don't know how. And pay attention to mine. I'm not asking for your permission, I'm getting over, and if you dont move my Excursion will put you over the side. 4) You are excused from looking at your passengers as you talk to them. Especially you moms out there.

i wrote this long paragraph explaining why i hated my ex-boyfriend, well the computer froze and i ended up losing it all. it was good too. god dammit

because i have 20 pounds to lose and no willpower.


I'm angry at everything. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

WHAT THE FUCK? WHATS GOING ON HERE? All these people are SOOOOOO angry, when they all should be happy ... Think Positive, and soon you will not be ANGRY ... GEEEZ

I sell cheap, reused crap from China for a living and I'm so fuckn' drunk I can't even support my own high school drop out ass! Don't feel sorry for me, I of course am so dignified I really don't give a shit about anyone other than myself. All those poor people with no life I will use you for every dollar that you're worth. Don't forget I have a very lucrative entry-level position in my dead end job, by the way I worked very hard to be the MANAGER of BITCHES! Don't ya'll hate me even more, you two-timing bitches out there? Screw you and grow a DICK!

I always have been good to others but I never put myself first. Now I feel the world is closing down on me. My realtionship is ending not because we don't love each other but because his best friends is lying about me and playing with his mind. I taught he is also my friends but he stabbed me in my back. The thing is that he's gay and he wants my boyfriend but my boyfriend is not realising. His friends got him so angry about me that he is seeing every thing wrong, what ever I do we are giving our realtionship another month & we are going to end it. I know I have my own bad things, like I lose my temper quickly but believe me it's only when I am realy hurt from the inside. I wish that I close my eyes and everything will come back to normal.

My girlfriend didn't come over 2 my house today and I'm fuckin horney!!!

Sheffield Court Apartments in Arlington Virginia doesn't do anything about tennants dog's being off leashes and biting people. Many people have been bit, many complain, Sheffield Court Apartments in Arlington Viriginia does nothing. I'm female and dogs have always scared me. Leashes are the law, and just because dogs owners think their dogs are all cute and cuddly doesn't mean I do and I shouldn't have to put up with it.

nearly at the same time that my father fell ill with cancer and died rapidly my best friend became my boyfriend, he hassled me about the inheritance money etc. i took the test and told him that my account was empty ... tonight he is off on a "surprise" holiday in Portugal with his up till now unknown girlfriend ... i am so angry that i did not recognize him as yet another parasite ... a pretty disappointed rich girl ...

I trusted someone at work, and let down my guard and got screwed over royally. The bitch acted like my dearest friend, all the while stabbing my back. She may even get the promotion I've been working hard to earn for the last year. Our supervisor has now sided with her against me, and I know I'm up shit creek. I feel like I can't trust anyone anymore. It'll be a long time before I do, that's for sure. She's a judgmental, psycho, hypocrite who spends all her day criticizing everyone but herself. I can only hope that she loses every friend she has betrayed and then blows her brains out. That'd make my day. I hate the bitch!!!!

Because hotmail is down again and the hunger site is under maintenance ...

my ex fiance is a son of a bitch.

Because I've had sex 3 times in my life and it's been fucking painful every time. I have a perfectly normal vagina, I have been well lubricated each time, he's been rock hard each time, I've been reasonably relaxed, but STILL it is impossible for me to physically enjoy intercourse!!! I AM NOT A FREAK!!!!

Because my friends and I never have time to see each other or just talk, I've been working my ass off at my fucked up job for fucking peanuts, and it's freezing and raining!!!

my stupid girlfriend keeps giving me shit for no fucking reason. If my reactions are not what are expected from her Majesty then the shit hits the fan in a big way ... WTF? Fuck off, I'm going to get a different girlfriend *damn* soon ... fuckit ... ;)

Because I don't have money.

I just ended an 12 yr old friendship with my best friend. She came out of the closet just as we graduated college – I was cool with it as long as she didn't try anything with me. Yeah right! During the past few months she has done just about anything immaginable to be with me, including sneaking in my bed at night, walking in the shower on me, and getting me dead drunk. She is such a psycho bitch and I just had enough tonight! Life just freaking sucks right now.

Im angry because i joined the army. don't do it! I hate running and push ups and waking up at 5:30 every day and ALERTS and going to the field and not showering or sleeping or eating for days and i hate my NCOs who think they're in charge. isn't this suppose to be a free country? thats what i'm fighting for but i'm not free at all. I'm a mother and a wife, and I have a 12 o'clock curfew. I live in Korea, as far away from my family as possible. If i feel like walking after running 5 miles at 6 am, I simply can't, without jeopardizing my career and the little respect i've gained from my peers. THE ARMY SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

life is difficult and boring and annoying! Everything is so goddam PAINFUL!! And just what on earth can I do with all this anger besides write it on a fucking web site???? So here goes: Mom, I hate you because you are such a bitch and you just HAVE TO rain on my parade for kicks! Fuck you! And Dad, you spineless, good-for-nothing piece of shit! You are such a loser and yet you think you're better than me! How much of a doofus can you possibly be?? And to my wonderful boss: may I suggest a new-found use for your 25-page "weekly reports"?? Don't you think making reports of the reports is a bit on the obsessionnal/stupid side??? And to the guy with the red sportcar who cut me off this afternoon and then had the nerve to honk at ME: I wish traffic homocide on you, you fucker! And to all those self-righteous, hypocritical fuckheads I have in my life and at work (you can't possibly know who you are because your heads are so far up your asses you actually think you're good people) ... FUCK YOU ALL!!! I would like to thank the makers of this site for offering me this heart-felt moment.

i am angry because a month after my mother died i met a guy that totally tuned in to my vulnerability and took advantage of it. at first he acted like prince charming. and he seemed liked he really cared about me, that is until i fell for him. then he became this inconsiderate, self-centered asshole. i gave so much of myself to this guy and he just took and took and took. we were together for a year and he decided to move back to his hometown of san diego and didn't even have the consideration to tell me about his move until a few days before he left. one christmas i thought we were going to exchange gifts (because that's what people who care about each other do). i spent all the money i had on a chain for this sorry motherfucker and what did i get in return? not a damn thing! the next christmas i specifically asked him if we were going to exchange gifts and he said yes. i got him some expensive-ass kobe bryant tennis shows and what did i get?? not a damn thing! we've been carrying on a long distance relationship for 3 years, and recently he seems to be getting chummy with his daughter's mother (who is married to someone else). i asked him if he still had feeling for her and he replies "she will always be my first love." i'm the one that put up with his shit and forgave him time and time again. i made so many sacrifices for this guy and he tells me "she will always be my first love." fuck him! some of you out there reading this might think i'm just some dumb bitch that allows herself to be used by men. maybe i am. i'm mad at myself too for putting up with his shit, but i am a respectable woman who always tries to do the right thing. i somehow got attached to this loser and i couldn't let him go. and i just keep thinking about him with his "baby's mama" having a good time while i'm crying my eyes out! ugh! i hate him!

Because all of my ex-boyfriends think I'm crazy.

Because I left my boyfriend whom I've loved for 15+ years, after many tries, and he is such a jerk and cannot even realize how self centered he is! To this day, he still thinks it was all ME, not him. I had to get therapy to try to better the relationship, not HIM!!

my irresponsible newspaper carrier doesn't know how to deliver the paper without letting their dog shit all over it first, then maybe I receive it (if I'm lucky, 3-4 days late), and then maybe I can find it thrown several blocks away in the dumpster. What the hell? Why have a job at all, if all you do is waste away in the cycle of loserdom? Just like people who mow grass for a living, what the hell do you do all winter long for income? Sell pot?

I cannot believe that my whole world has fallen apart, and as I plan to end my pathetic life, nobody gives a shit. Life goes on for the rest of you, not even having a clue how tortured some of us truly are.

god sucks.

I am angery because I can't get a boyfriend.

People suck so bad!!!!!!!!

I'm so broke, I can't even afford a hooker ... So I must FUCK myself! Wait isn't that what people do to each other every waking day of their lives. It's like a reaccurring nightmare. "Must destroy everyone else's lives before they can possibly destroy mine!"

My boyfriend won't call me back!

I'm broke.

Senator James M. Jeffords. Did the Democraps give you more than the Republicans offered. Politicians suck!

People from New Jersey ... Enough said.

I'm gonna fail one of my courses.

no one loves me.

I stole a mate's girl, she finished it after about two weeks and she went back to him and he still doesn't know. I think I actually HATE HER

I let people treat me like shit for years. Why didn't I ever put those a--holes in their place? I could wear their sorry butts out but I never did. My IQ is probably twice theirs. Still, I let them get away with it. Maybe all that will change because I am getting madder by the minute. My loser family has done everything they can to hurt my mom, dad and brother. They have my brother's mind so messed up I am worried that he might fly off the handle and do something to them and then end up in prison. Like their sorry butts are worth it. But he doesn't see it that way. I pray every single day that it won't happen. Yeah, they are trash and yeah they deserve it but in the long run my brother, mom and me (dad passed away 6 years ago) will be the ones hurting. Because their sorry butts will be dead. Listen, I know you $#%^*& suckers read these sites; you have nothing better to do you worthless trash. So get this through your thick skulls. LEAVE US ALONE OR YOU ARE GOING TO BE SORRY!!!!! This is not a joke and it is not an idle threat. I can get you f***ers without even committing a crime. DON'T MESS WITH ME!!! Don't go to my brother getting handwriting samples, playing detective with your dickhead son in law. By the way, since he's so into tapping phones maybe he ought to tap his bitch dog wife's phone. And another thing -- tell her not to call me and work and yell STUPID into the phone. In other words, put a muzzle on your dog. Like I said, don't f**k with us or I promise you you'll live to regret it

I'm angry because I have a boyfriend who I love very much, but all I really want is to be back with my ex-fiance. And I can't tell my boyfriend, and I have no one to talk to about any of this.

I think I don't have balls.

i know she blames me for all the shit she brought with her to the relationship and now she's dumped it all on me

I think therefore I don't have a friend!

I am going out of town for five days and I wanted some quality time with my boyfriend and told him. Well ... anything I ask him - he does the exact opposite and instead ignores me.

I have so much work to do and no time to do it!!! FUCK!!!

I'm working 12 hour days, my girlfriend lives in Michigan, I live in Virginia, I got a 2.0 last semester at college, my college is filled with damn bible thumpers, I'm changing my major and probably transfering.

No women likes me because I am hard of hearing.

I have not had a bowel movement for a few days.

Society sucks. People are all trying to be non-conformists and people get mad. We had a choice for president between bad and worse, who did we pick? People wake up everyday, sucked from their homes and families, forced to work for pieces of green paper so they can afford to work more.

I'm pissed at the manager at a certain apartment complex because whenever she answers the phone and I ask for my girlfriend she transfers the call to her, but doesn't tell her who it is, and doesn't even tell me if she's busy. She just lets me stay on line forever until she picks up. If you're reading this that's f**kin rude. So get a clue woman!

I'm a little puzzled and a little pissed at the fact that all these whiny assholes use this site to bitch about loosing their girlfriends. Those of you complaining about how she left you, she probably had her reasons (probably good ones) You probably treated her like shit and finally she got feed up with it. You people need to grow up. Those of you who are complaining because you're sad about loosing an ex, well you people need to get over it and go out and find someone else. No don't tell me it's hard, because I've done it before and it's easy! You just grab a sack and do it. Stop letting your poor broken heart ruin your pitiful life.

its not fair - its not what i wanted or dreamed of or worked for and believed in and tried for - i tried so fucking hard and she still walked away from me and it's not my fault

my friend's boyfriend is an irresponsible moron who won't call her!!!!

I think my boss wants to fire me.

The Government in Australia thinks tampons are a luxury item.

I have shitloads of work to do and no time to do it, and I don't understand why my boyfriend is getting so distant with me!


I think my boyfriend is losing interest in me.

I have been stupid enough to fall in love with my best friend and I know she doesn't feel the same about me.

nobody wants to be with me because I am so cheap!

my girlfriend who lives a half hour away never wants to talk on the phone cause she's too busy with her friends, and she doesn't realize i have limited chances to use the phone and when she realizes i can't talk to her for the rest of the night after all her friends are gone, she gets mad at me. She should realize it's her fucking fault we never get to talk.

Rednecks suck. They have to be the dumbest people on the planet. I hate the ones that have mullets. The short hair in the front and the long in the back. Can't you people get a decent haircut. I apologize to those of you who are white trash rednecks because I know you can't afford a haircut unless your friend Bubba cuts it for you.

They way people drive. These people in the North can't drive for shit. The slow lane is for speeders so get the hell out of it. All retards in the right lane please.

i can't call up my girl friend due to her parents

thinking causes my brain to hurt, intensively!

I am angry at myself because I can't get my anger out. It keeps on getting stored up.

I am pissed off at myself for giving my wife away to my best friend so i could be with another woman. now she is happy and i am miserable. how could i have been so fucking stupid to think that anyone could replace my angel.

I cannot speak my mind without being criticized for being nothing but stupid.

I'm fucking sick of working my ass off!!!

she won't even explain why she can't forgive me or why we can't work things out together and i want her so much my whole being aches.

of the way people think they need to write curse words to make a point.

the woman i left my partner for has just told me she is still in love with her ex.

I am waiting here doing nothing ... even when i know there's tons of work to be completed!

I am angry at that New York/New Jersey attitude that most people have in the North East. I hear from these people all of the time at my job and they call in being all pushy and with MAJOR attitude like they are constantly pissed off at the world and they think that attitude will only benefit them to get what they want. If they would drop the attitude and come back down to reality and realize not everything in this world is an 'emergency'. This attitude exists in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusets. And lose that filthy accent!

The war on drugs is a war on drug USERS. How many innocent casualties are acceptable in the name of ending drug smuggling or drug kingpins?

everything she ever said or did is now a lie because she left me and i hate fucking liars.

There is no possible way I will get the grades I want in my exams.

I must be the only 19 year old virgin on the planet!

My closest friends never have time to see me anymore.

I have no idea what I want to do with my life!

I woke up this morning.

I lost my boyfriend before a year ... He was 18 ... but he died ... from cancer. HATE!

i still want to believe that she loves me but if she wanted me she would be here and she's gone and things will never be the same again

in my computer programming class i get weekly assignments that take at least 15 hours to complete and my logic class is impossible. i had two unfair midterms that i studied my ass for, so basically i gave up my life in exchange for hopeless classes with no superior grades or equinimity to show for it.

I have a "friend" who just had her haircut like me. Bought the same clothes as me, sprays on the same perfume as me and wants to fuck my boyfriend! I got asked why I've started to look like her!!!

I can't date until I'm 16 and the guy that I've liked since I was 12 said he'd take me out, but not until I'm 16! Augh! Its so gosh darn frusterating! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

My ex-fiance dumped me like a hot potato two years ago, and I still love him, even though he has long moved on! I really believed that he loved me, and I feel STUPID now for ever believing and thinking he was the great guy that he is NOT, well, he's also a cop, so what else can you expect? AND why does it seem that the nice people get shit on, and the nasty ones get away with all of it? But besides all of this, I am pretty happy with my life :)

I broke up with my boyfriend last week. Although it is expected, I still miss him very much and dream of him.

the person whom i love most doesn't even care a little about me.

some of the guys around me might think that it is quite easy to lie to me. but this time some of them will be sorry for giving me something bad!

The stupid towel-head at the liquor store wouldn't give me quarters for HIS payphone!

MSN's lame ass messenger won't let me send messages to my sexy friend!

i am angry because the everybody on earth thinks their worse off than the next guy. here's the truth: we all have our problems. suck it up and try to find some good in your life.

because I'm supposed to be getting married in 4 months, and we had a huge fight and I'm not sure if we should be doing this, as I'm having issues.

I just found out some lazy ass, bald people sit around on their flamin', fat asses all day long watching me work my life away while they destroy my life by putting monkey wrenches in my personal affairs of my everyday life.

Everybody sucks but me.

i don't have fucking money, i'm a teen and i work fuckin hard, but i still have no money!!! fuck my country!

Damn it everyone comes to me with their problems! I'm a headmistress. I have a school and a language centre. I've got students, friends employees and family that have problems. They've always come to me with them. And I've always thought that I should help them. That was the right thing. But yesterday I was phoned at 5:30 a.m.,because of a SERIOUS problem. Somebody's slice of bread got burnt!! Now I am going to sing (in a choir) I'll turn off my mobile and tell the whole world to tackle it's problems alone!!!!

i still dream of my ex girlfriend.

I feel so nervous because of my mother. She is a loving mother and has everything that a person could possibly desire. Yet ... she experiences some kind of a crisis. She thinks that nothing is OK and feels like there is no way out of the terrible situation ... I feel so bad when I hear her saying that she'll leave us all and will never come back ... Oh, God, I really lose my temper because I know that the problem is situated deeply inside her. What am I supposed to do? How to encourage her ... I feel lost and angry ...

i hate all the fucking planet.

this dumb website doesn't give any sort of resolution to any of the above anger issues.

i live in BULGARIA!!!!

the weather is very bad.

people are such hypocrites.

I have little possessions, and you have so many possesions.

I have so much computer knowledge, but can't find a decent job.

I'm angry because my brother is the most stupid pig in the WORLD!!! I want to kill him.

because i have to go to school.

I poured my heart out to my beautiful boyfriend and he refused to accept it. All he did was throw it back, spilling all of the pieces on the floor. He didn't even bother to help clean up the mess. He just left me alone. I picked up as many pieces as I could, but the biggest part still belongs to him.

i am 27 and i have never had sex.

beautiful women can drive fabulous cars just because they suck some sugar daddy's dick and i have to take the public transport.

my boyfriend is a retarded asshole who needs to learn to treat people better or he'll spend the rest of his damn life alone!!!!!!

I just found out that my car insurance got cancelled and I wasn't even notified.

My vagina smells and I have tried everything to relieve the smell!!!

my mom smokes, and because the kids at school are rude, and tease me. I hate it when people don't accept me for who I am. My mom's ex-boyfriend is stalking her and it is causing the whole family to become disrupted. To be continued later ...

My girlfriend, who I intendend to spend the rest of my life with, dumped me on my butt just days after I spent my entire savings on a new car for her. We had been together 7 years!! All I have to show for it is 7 years older, more gray hairs and weight gain. I was so freaking stupid that I did not see this coming! I had no idea!!!!

Because my husband is critical, cruel and full of rage.

I have everything I ever wanted and it's not enough.

i walked in on my brother and my mom, and my dad was video taping, boy that makes me mad, and o yeah, now my sister is pregnant with my dad being the father.

I WORKED HALF MY WEEK FOR TAXES, the other half for bills. whats LEFT!!!

I wanna get laid!!!!!!!!!

Billions are spent on weapons and lavish living by a few. That stinks!

this hot girl won't date me, and I'm going to0 die.

all americans are niggers.

Well, after reading the archives, I'm now more scared than angry ...

People don't realize they can be socially unacceptable. When you make eye contact with someone don't inadvertently assume they are staring at you and get all hot and bothered by them, they are not actually falling in love with you.

I hate my sister ... she's always first with everything!

My husband may be infertile, and I really wanted to have a baby with him.

I am not appreciated for the little things that I accomplish everyday. Only the cruel, nasty, heartless beings out there get rewarded for stepping on my toes.

Where do African Americans get the idea that everyone is against them? Are you all just paranoid, or all of you really just plain stupid?

dense is as dense does.

People don't realise that FEMINISM is NOT a 4 letter word!!

The Howard government in Australia still maintains that tampons are a 'luxury item', and still puts a 10% GST (Goods and services Tax) on them!!! Fuck the patriarchy!!!!

who ever said that it was anyones right to judge me for smoking. if i want to die of lung cancer it is my right. so leave me the hell alone.

I'm a LOSER who thinks the world deserves to hear me.

men make too many excuses! What the hell happened to all the free spirits of the sixties. Can't I get laid or kissed before I become a nun? Do I have to BEG? What's wrong with sharing, anyways?

i'm angry because a very close friend & sister in law of mine betrayed both, slept with my husband for money & when i found out about it, she talked me into a relationship with her. now she wants to let go of the relationship. i think i was used for a coverup for what she did with my husband.

Cause my girl cheats on me on the regular.

my friend loves guys ... ALL GUYS! we went out the other night with a guy I like and one of his friends and instead of finding someone else, she was hanging her drunk ass all over him. Again, this is supposed to be my best friend. She is also, sorry to say it, an easy sleazy!

This motherfucker has completely taken over the bonus parts of my job and has left me with all the shitty parts. He does fucking nothing all day, still manages to complain about work, and probably goes home with some peace of mind. Meanwhile, I'm locked into shittier and shittier work. I have been and could still be very happy about the shitty work if I didn't think about him just sitting around sucking up his pay. I try to start the day fresh without any old baggage, but each time he pisses me off most of it comes back; the rest of my day is spent trying to mollify this mounting RAGE. It's making me pretty crazy. To make the best of a bad situation, I try to ignore whatever "injustice" I feel and just be his friend (and work), but my courtesy has just made it easier for his selfish ass to screw me over. If I didn't have some herb to go home to, I would explode.

everyone who gets angry, uses petty excuses to let it all hang out instead having respect and consideration for other people. Also, I don't understand why normal, intelligent people think they have to reduce their vocabulary to 3 or 4 words in order to get their point across. All that the foul language tells me is that they have become as stupid as their acting.

someone put sugar in my gas tank. fuck.

What has humanity done? We are an entire group of beings all stuck working our nine to five jobs, drilling all creativity and hope out of our heads and then someday we get old and die. Why can't we live in the woods and bathe in the river?

my friend dosen't mail me.

There are so many fuck heads in the world. Guys think they can do what they want to you and you should just smile and suck their dicks.

My best friend is hanging on the guy I really like. She always hangs on every guy she knows. She acts like a "dog in heat". When I confronted her she got all mad and now makes smart comments all the time about it to others. LIke, oh I can hang on you now because nobody is around to tell me different. Then the one guy Austin ... says that I am a bitch and needs to pull my head out of my ass! Well, they all need to grow up! I think I have a right to be mad!

I go to a fucken sorry ass school and if these fucked off teacher from from all these countries cant teach worth shit.

I am angry because I fell in love with this guy who I thought I was just going
to have an affair with and it turned out more than what I expected. He has a girlfriend (he explained this to me in the beginning) who he promised to let go but who I suspect deep down inside he doesn't want to leave and I feel like a fool. I was never one for affairs but I liked him for awhile and decided to just go through with it. I am fine when he is with me but when it is time for him to go home to her then I get totally bent out of shape. I'm feeling so ashamed of myself and so much anger. His brother explained to me not to leave myself available because he will not really understand my feelings because what I am showing him is anger. I decided that I am not going to see him any more and the hardest thing now to do is to just go back to my normal way of life. I'm feeling much better releasing my feelings now before it was all bottled up inside of me. I am going to avoid him and keep myself busy and hope I will be able to get him out of my system.

there is this guy i used to like and now i meet him in icq and he doesn't want to chat to me. he doesn't reply my mails and quickdots and i am sick of all this stupid feeling. i failed a lot of subjects all because of my stupid fault by not being to concentrate because of him. i feel so stupid and i wish i could break his neck.

i'm fuck'n angry cause i have a really boring and angry family ... and i have friends who are never a bit of shit ... im angry cause people livin like animals.

There is so many people living in this Earth and a lot of them really piss me off. I'm not happy in my work place, I not happy with the place I living in and I am not happy with any human being including myself. Recently there is a guy in my workplace who pissed me off. He been here for 3 days and didn't like to move much. Don't like to offer his help and don't like to do any "tough" work. Keep giving me a unhappy face and just like to stick his ass on the chair and stare at the computer the whole days not doing anything useful. Can't carry heavy stuffs and trying to act tough but isn't. Keep having a lot of problems at work and with collegues and I don't know who are my friends ... *sign* ... I think I just too angry to be a human being.

Why am I angry?Why is the world angry?Its all the same,injustice,unjustifiable poverty,hunger,just being pissed off.Im in a position to TRIPLE my earnings.However,to do so will create more hostility,anger,and,depression in my life.What the hell should I do?Suicide?Been there tried that.Murder?Too much prison time.Soooooo...................

midterms coming up.

coming home is the worst part of my day. nothing is ever right here, and i can't fix anything. plus the longer i stay here the more shit becomes piled upon my girl and i can't do anything to make it better, which day by day and hour by hour makes me feel like less of a man. i also can't seem to rectify the hollow, black hatred i feel towards mankind pretty much every day.

My boyfriend yelled at me.

I and others in a support group (thank GOD) have a disease (delayed pressure urticaria) that the origin/cause of can't be found, there is basically NO information on it other than symptoms and doctor's don't want to take initiative to research and cure! I will have to just live with this all my life in pain without any control other than steroids of which the side effects are pretty much worse than the disease itself!! AND longterm! uuuugggghhhh aaarrrggghhhh!!

i'm a 26 yr old male who lives with his partner and our son (4yrs old) and for some reason that i cant figure out yet im always grumpy and angry with her. She hasnt done anything wrong she just seems to get on my nerves for no apparant reason do you think there is an answer for me out there??????

Because there are few resources for one to get back into the workforce after having been on disability for 10 years. Because we're in a world where putting in extra effort is more likely to earn one grief than reward.

I am ANGRY because I slaved through 5 years at a University to obtain a college graduate degree so that I can get a good paying job. Then bozo high school graduates go to some technical school (DeVry, Heald, etc) for 18 months and get into computers and make 3x more money than I do. They used to tell you that to make it in life, you need a college education. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. College just seems to be a waste of time now. If you want to make money, go to a technical school and get into computers. If you want self-enrichment (but not enough money to pay the bills and struggle), go to college!

i spent 4 years of my life and thousands of dollars of money in loans i am now paying back in a graduate program. the year before i took my exams, the chair of the dept. came on to me. i rejected his overture, and coincidentally was failed on one portion of my final exams. i carried a 3.4 gpa throughout my program. i took the issue to the academic fairness committe, & they ruled in my favor. the dept. is a unit unto itself, however, and doesn't have to answer to anyone but a court of law at this point. my next step is thousands of dollars i don't have in legal fees. i'm angry because i worked so hard and faithfully (& naively) only to be shafted by a system that couldn't care less about me - a system that seems only too happy to grind me under its heel like a piece of dirt. i'm angry because i haven't done anything about it legally. i can't stand the thought of paying one more penny that i don't have on this issue. be in debt to repay my student loans for a degree i don't have and then enter further debt to take the bastards to court? i don't think so. i believe it doesn't matter: whatever i work for or care about will be destroyed by a system that enjoys crushing people. i'm sinking deeper every month into an anger i never knew existed.

Humans create SIN.

I'm 26 and still generally unhappy. My father was a cheating alcoholic who by the way is bipolar (mood swings) and my mom who i adore didn't have the stength to leave until 18 years and 3 screwed up kids later. So if ya haven't figured it out yet, i'm angry because i don't know how to let go of the past or the anger.

My husband is apathetic. He only responds to negative reinforcement. If I'm nice, kind and considerate, he doesn't appreciate it. The only way I get any appreciation out of him is by being pissed off about him being a jerk, it gets tiring ... I don't know how much energy I have left for this ...

How stupid do you think a person can be? Well how about somebody who only wants you around when they are for certain, positively sure they can use you for whatever you're worth, then disregard you intentionally to watch you suffer in your own self-defeat. How shallow has the world become?


CAFFEINE AND CIVIL ACTION LAWSUIT, CAFFEINE CAUSES ANGER. I NEED SUPPORTERS. PLEASE READ ON: I never had an angry feeling in my body. Until I started drinking coffee. And not gallons mind you, just 1-4 cups a day. Sometimes just 1. My life spun out of control as I experienced panic attacks, chest pains, hives, sinus infections, weeping spells, and severe bouts of anger, accompanied by superhuman strength. Since by nature I am so composed, very articulate, and a lady, my family watched my whole personality change, and for years, I was getting worse. I went to many doctors, and was told I had stress, allergies, sinus problems. A year ago, I became manic, and looking back, I had been manic ever since I put caffeine into my body. What I was suffering was anaphalactic reactions, like a bee sting, associated with caffeine sensitivity. I had a reaction when I was 18, but the doctor said it was from fried clams. It was not. It was from Coca-Cola Day after day, and year after year, I drank Coca-Cola or ingested some form of caffeine. My head filled up with poison -- just one of those sinus infections I was told. And then my liver started shutting down, and I became manic. It's a very long story, but as a person in the medical profession, I figured it out on my own. When I stopped caffeine, i felt as though someone else stepped from my head, and the old me stepped back in. A year later, I feel great. But being who I am, I want to file a civil action lawsuit for the trauma that my family, friends, and I have been through. For the years of disorganization, confusion. All of my symptoms have disappeared without drugs. Caffeine is the world's number one psychoactive drug, and the industry knows about it. Soon, they will know about me and the others. Please email me at Brigidlally@hotmail.com. All info will be confidential. Feel better.

You caffeine freak. You drank the Coke. You drank the coffee. Who the hell are you going to file a lawsuit against?

Listen up, all of you liars out there ... don't fuck with me. Don't hide your
emotional turmoil, why don't you just kill yo'self, all of you hopeless fuck-ups. SUCK ME!!!

all i do is fight with my mom and my grades suck!

you asked me this question.

My neighbor is a pyromaniac, my teacher is a dumb dastard, and my truck is out of gas. Life sucks, people treat me like shit, and I need a haircut but I can not afford it. My grades freakin' suck, and I have lost all intrest in anything orderly. Other than that, I am good ...

I am angry because I have to be around the biggest bunch of retards (the customers, that is) that ever walked on this earth all day at the store that I work at. I hate toys, and I don't give a crap if you find your DIGIMON action figure. When they ask were something is, I feel like saying "you can go to the department I don't give a crap, and it is on the left side of aisle find it your own damn self." And one more thing, stay home when Christmas Tree Lights are on sale, because you can easily be Killed in the mad rush to buy lights for exactly $4.88 a string.

My family was so messed up that now i can't be a normal 21-year-old. i hid inside myself for years just to survive. now i have to deal with the pain, the flashbacks, the eating disorders, the MPD, the self-injury ... and the fact that everyone else involved "moved on" years ago. i'm also angry that i am still angry about it.

Some women are jealous and envious of me. These women wish me ill-will. I'm the kind of person who would say, "OK, you win, you're better than me." These women always have to point out my flaws as if I wasn't already very aware of my many flaws. These women always belittle or ignore the happiness I do have in my life. These women only ask me negative-pointed questions in hopes that something bad has happened to me and if I do answer them honestly and tell them of some misfortune, these women will be sure to exaggerate the situation and spread false gossip about me to all those who will listen. I wish these bitches would just leave me alone and focus their negative energy on improving their own self-esteem.

i am angry because no body likes me at all, including my husband. Every one expects me to be very nice cool and calm, but i am losing my mind and no body bothers about it .

I just found out a month ago that my wife of 14 years was having a 16 month affair with one of her college instructors. She said I hadn't been meeting her needs for years. That I was not giving her enough time, attention, conversation, or self-worth. She said she had stopped seeing the lover, but that wasn't true. She sees him every so often when she needs to feel safe. Two weeks later, she "discovers" that she has been afraid of me and my temper for 14 years and didn't know it. Now, I am a controlling, emotionally abusive husband, according to her new therapist. She is angry at me, angry at herself, and says she has no feelings for me. I did have a temper which has mellowed considerably over the years. Now I find out that because of her lack of assertiveness and her codependency on my anger problems, she has been "remembering past transgressions and hurts that go back years." Things were never that bad. I think she is trying to hide her guilt about her affairs (Did I tell you that she admitted rather casually that she fucked our neighbor once about eight years ago?) that she is looking to victimize herself and demonize me. I want to hold the family together. I started anger management counseling, and have compensated for whatever "controlling" behaviors her therapist thinks that I have been inflicting on her for years. In recent memeory, she has been fully assertive and has been able to express anger and issues when she felt like it suited her. She is a teacher with strong classroom discipline skills and good verbal abilities. I am angry because I don't quite get how the tables have turned and I'm the bad guy. Could it be that she is just pretty strong willed herself and is someone with a fragile grasp of "fidelity"? When do I confront her with the moral dilemma of her conduct over an eight year period? When do I ask her why, if things were so terrible, she didn't just walk out YEARS ago. Instead, she never said one single word, until I discovered the affair. How friggin' damn convenient is that?

ATTENTION SHOPPERS! ATTENTION SHOPPERS! I AM NOT YOUR BITCHING POST NOR YOUR MOTHER! If all you have to do is bitch about your life and/or frustrations, CALM DOWN!! GET LOST and LEAVE ME ALONE! I don't have to serve you, unruly customers who come around to grace my doorstep to discover life has just not kissed your ass!!!

My friends take me for granted.

Last Saturday night my husband and I had a fight. He started hitting me so I called 911 - the cops showed up just as I hit him back and they saw me. Since he had scratches on his face and my bruises hadn't shown up yet - the arrested ME for Battery Domestic Abuse. $500 bail. I just moved here and I don't know anyone but my husband and I wasn't supposed to have contact with him for 72 hours but I called anyway. He told me I got what I deserved and made me spend the night in jail not knowing whether or not he was going to bail me out. He sent the neighbor to bail me out but they told me I couldn't have contact with him or his residence (also MY residence) until my court date - a whole month away. I can't even call a friend and have them give him a message - we can only have contact through an attorney. Now, me and my daughter are living in a hotel - without any of our stuff - and he thinks we deserve it.

A guy I was speaking to online for a month, suddenly no longer writes or contacts me a week before we were to meet. How convenient they are all the same aren't they.

My life seems out of control. I have too much responsability, my kids won't listen and follow rules and we are scraping bottom again to make ends meet and I think I am getting depressed.

My hillbilly neighbors torture me with their freakin' stupidity.

I am angry because people want you to be the person they used to know without ever growing. A friend yelled at me for having a different opinion and then tells me i'm clueless. Some people have high standards for others but not for themselves and are close minded.

my boyfriend has nothing to offer ... what does he expect from women. I cannot be liberated without being labeled a BITCH!

my girlfriend didn't call me last night.

I used to make awesome money, then he quit and now I make shit$$, I have HORRID credit so I drive a hunk of shit! I dont love this wonderful cute guy (my ex), I live with 3 men (MY 2 EX'S AND A LOSER) and I'm over weight! (DID I MAKE OTHERS FEEL BETTER) I'M 25 BY THE WAY!!!!

i feel like i've lived as long as i can and still haven't done anything. I'm angry because i cant control my anger and I'm scared i'm going to hurt someone and not care and do something to ruin the rest of my life.

I have no friends, I'm a loser, the world condemns the innocent, but why does punishment and discrimination solve the problems of the frustrated?

I'm angry because no one cares. I'm angry because I don't care.

White Castle doesn't pay me enough!

My ex can't keep a job and send the $100 each month that he is court ordered to pay.

my "friends" don't really care about me, if i dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow almost no one would care, people i know are in trouble and there's nothing i can do to help. i'm angry because it's better than giving up.

My partner continually criticizes, calls me names and misinterprets what I say.

I resent having spanish words on everything i read. This is the united states. I don't expect to have street signs in english in spain or purto rico. If you come to my country speak my language.

I've fucked up my life. I have no security. I've never been loved by anyone, never been the first person in anyone's life. I have no safety net. My family would rather see me die than help me out.

I was discriminated and hurt because of my race. My dignity was chewed up like someone chewing gum, without any feeling. The humuliation gave me acid in my stomach. I got more angry and angry and angry! Why do I have to live in this kind of the world. What have I done wrong to suffer this kind of punishment for life. The worst part is they are doing that without a thought, without a blink of their eyes.

I'm 30 living with my parents because I'm in finicial trouble and have no one who is special in my life. Could life get any worse?

... because I'm angry all the time! It's costing me a five-year relationship that was the most important thing in the world to me. I have to learn somehow to quit being so angry.

I was told that anger is love turned inside out. I was betrayed by the man I choose to give 30 years of my life to. Have four of his children (one miscarried), dedicated all of my essence to him forfilling whatever want or need he had above anyone elses. To know that the one person who you believed in, trusted, loved with all your heart and soul, who you vowed before your God to remain faithful too and stand by has betrayed you, left you feeling as though you were never apart of his existance, who now treats you as you were some shameful part of himself he is trying to hide, and to do so with such intent, is to be left with the feeling of your essance of soul being raped. Tonight he sleeps with a younger co worker. I will lay tonight and cry. my past forever erased. My future of hope dissolved in pain. Start over you say? Sure. No problem. But how difficult and sad to carry such a life sentence to your grave. I am angry at the evil of human selfishness and what it has done to me, my children. If you read this, may you never betray a loved one, or anyone. For above all else, you will end up betraying yourself and live with life regrets, and die with them.

I hate that the driving force of man is their ego. I hate that the general idea is "I'm gonna get me mine, screw eveyone else." I hate that people are nice to you only when it serves their purpose. I hate that people you think are your friends can so easily hurt you and then just as easily discard you and your feelings. I hate the way the world is so afraid of anything and anyone "different." They all need to "conform" and what's wrong with marching to the beat of yuor own drum?? I hate how the world just keeps getting worse, feeding on its violence and feeding on its own wrongs. HELLO! TWO WRONGS DO NOT EQUAL A RIGHT!!!! I hate this world we live in and i pray with all my heart for the armegaeddon we've all heard about.

I'm fed up with vacationers thinking I'm running a motel every summer. Remember you are on vacation ... we aren't ... why do we have to cater to all of you while you are having fun ... it's WORK for us. So if there is no Motel Hotel or camp ground sign on my front lawn then go find a sign that says so. Someone even had the gall to ask if they could camp in our back yard ... I don't think so.

girls just wanna have fun! But my girlfriend is such an airhead, she can't even keep a part-time job at McDonald's!

My hunky boyfriend couldn't be any more deaf, dumb, or stupid, unless I've asked him to. But what's the point, everything I tell him goes in one ear and out the other.

i am not loved by any one in this world, my life has no purpose.

Too many people let anger control them and forget there is good in this world. without good we would be unbalanced.

Republicans are for big business & special interest not for the little working class people politics suck.

how can I be so angry? This is the only life we have. I love life and those around me who HAVE NO PURPOSE FOR EXISTENCE.

my ex girlfriend said my penis was too big and that i didnt pay attention to her needs enough. how can a penis be to BIG? i thought she was happy then BOOM your DUMPED and she is already with another guy.

I am angry because where I work I was promised a promotion its almost four years now. If I file a grievence I'll be treated like crap!

I am angry because I've been betrayed. A person who I considered my friend and lover lied to me. Humiliated me.

My new boss does not have a clue. She hasn't taken the time to learn what her department does. She doesn't understand what we do daily. She twists the words that are spoken to her, as though she has heard something completely different.

Because my sister and her son suffer at the hands of the Department of Human Services, which is the subsidiary of Anit-Christ, Inc., and Child Protective Services, also a subsidiary. They accuse you based on an angry, bitter neighborhood snitch, take your child, and won't give the child back when proof of innocence has been shown. They are immune from prosecution when they have decimated your bank account, stripped valuable time from your family, and lied for the sake of profit. They bear false witness, and then associate themselves with Christian groups to sugar the serving of ass-fucking that families get from their "help." The babies that really suffer are left with less help because of all the bullshit cases AND THE PEOPLE REMAIN SILENT. THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT SILENCE THAT MAKES ME SICK.

My special friend just left me hanging. He never answers my email anymore!!!!!!! I think he doesn't have a heart!!!!

I like the guys with the shiny rims, the tinted windows, and those loud, deep moaning bass speakers! OOoooo you know how to turn me on.

Where does a handicapped man go to prove to the world I can love, too?!

Some freak thinks another girl is better than me.

Love is a fruitless endeavor. Not to mention assinine at best!

I am angry because I have always felt left out. Nobody ever paid attention to me growing up.

People do not accept that they are the ONLY ones who can change their lives. Not anyone eles. No matter what your live is you put yourself there. If you don't like yourself or the people in your life change it. No one eles is gonna do it.

There are so many stupid people around me and they don't know what to do!

I just cannot stand people who manipulate one another just to have a piece of their world go their way.

My wife cannot get over her anger and let go of the past. She thinks I want someone else. It is about to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have to work all summer until school begins again in August. I have three more years to go, then I will be a high school teacher. After those three years I will NEVER EVER work during summers ever again!!!!

Someone that I care about is too far away from me and sometimes I want to give him a huge hug, but I could only call him and tell him I was thinking about him. I hate being without him.

The world sucks, u can never get what you want when you want it. There isn't enough money, i can't get a job or an apartment. I'm angry cause i'm PMS- ing.

My computer doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @$^&#$%^#!@$^@$&*@$!^&@$

I wish I knew! ....why I just leap directly into rage. Like someone's flicked a switch, and over the slightest things. Am I schizophrenic?


Why do people have to always put restrictions on everything life is about? That's what's wrong with people — nothing is perfect until they force their rules on you.

I'm fuckin' scared shitless! My future looks so poor! HELP ME!


LOVE hurts most for those who believe they care.

Anger makes the world go 'round. What else do gas station attendants do all day, but sell environmentally destructive gas? Thanks for punishing us, the consumers who virtually have been overtaken by the forces in Washington who have utter control of us all! Can't anyone wake up and figure it out. Don't let those assholes pickpocket our wallets. TAKE CHARGE, give up your driving urges! Is our final verdict to die or die stupid poor penniless creatures of our own making.

Love is the most CRUEL punishment of all — to those who have NO HEART!

I get angry cos americans believe in their goverment and never question anything. They follow whatever their president says like the germans followed Hitler. I wish they'd wake up and find facts from other countries and not just the US. When America bombs other countries and thousands of people die, including children, and these people are mostly civilians ... no one cares. But if one American solider, who's made a choice to sacrifice his life if he has to dies ... then god forbid it. Fuck that.

My fiance cheated on me.

I'm frustrated with the fuckin' Iraqi's, taking us Americans fuckn' advantage of, for their poor excuses of oil shortages

school's out for the SUMMER! DARN.

My home is infested with cockroaches.

I was betrayed by my wife. It was the toughest time in my life. After I got divorced, I met a wonderful woman who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She betrayed me the same way. Both women made me a part-time Dad and they treat me like I meant nothing and like I don't exist. I'm hurt and I never deserved any of it. I respect woman more than most guys do. Why do they disrespect me and tear my heart out? How can they treat people like that?

This is a free Country?????? Yea right, I am Native American ... I KNOW BETTER!!!!

It seems to be okay to leave your minor children alone. They call them latch key kids. What bull! A child under the age of 16 should not EVER be allowed to stay at home alone. They only get to be a kid for 18 years. My god, let's allow them to BE kids!

Is it just me or does anger spread faster than those who care?

The world is so full of frustration, I find it hard, almost difficult to wake up anymore each day! I have become a complete insomniac.

I bust my ass for my co-workers, I do all the shitty work, while nobody seems to miss me now that I am gone.

I am only 1 person, with nothing to offer.

Hatred has permeated my soul ... I can't seem to handle the everyday trials and tribulations of life.

People are only happy when they see you unhappy! People are so fake!

My family members take me for granted.

... she is angry.

Even though I study like mad and get an almost perfect grade point, the guy next to me who gets D's and who "has a connection" will get the job before I do. :(

My beloved brother died.

Stalkers are protected by law.

World peace ... never ... until man is extinct.


love is ultimately blind.

Someone I trusted and loved lied to me repeatedly, and when I finally saw through the BS, told me what I felt was unimportant.

how can people change their attitudes when they will always find a petty fault in each other? Don't blame the world for your troubles, just look at yourself in the mirror and learn to love yourself first.

Man was supposed to be created equally yet guys have more rights than girls.

Americans are DRUNKS.


man can never be happy unless he finds a way to change or alter his physical attributes by chemically or selfishly, greedily manipulate his body to rebel against God's intended purpose and mission.

There is a lack of accountability in the U.S. You can do just about anything you want to do, except kill someone, and probably get away with it. People need to be held accountable for their own actions. Until this attitude is once again adopted by the US population, the Decline and Fall of the US Empire will continue unabated.

mankind is frustrated with the high prices of gas, but in turn, didn't any of you ever stop to think just maybe your big ass SUV's are polluting our precious natural parks and the environment will be destroyed some day soon, thanks to all you who are selfish enough to run over all of us, the economically challenged!

the human race is destroying every natural beauty on our giving planet, but not too many humans seem to care. Why are we all so blind to everything but ourselves?

selfish people suck ... those who smoke, those who drink to much, those who always put their rights above the rights or concerns of ther friends or loved ones. They don't care if they die but what about those of us left behind to clean up the mess of your so called "freedom". A big SCREW YOU for tying us up in this mess. You always said you loved us but i guess your actions speak louder than words.

virginity has no meaning anymore!

doesn't anyone know how to write a complete, concise English sentence anymore?

I just want to let you all know I'm not going to risk my life for you! I think some people might have actually gotten their driver's license's from the Dollar Store! Don't you think your life is just as important or valuable as mine? Obviously not! HELLO, WAKE UP!!!!!!

smoker's are inhumane. Didn't anyone ever tell you that this is an ugly habit! What makes you believe this smoking butt out of your mouth is any sexier? You might as well just be an overweight nobody!

i lived with my girlfriend of 2 years and we broke up and now she is dating another girl and it seems she never really did love me.

the world is full of FREAKS! P.S. STOP YOUR TAILGATING!!!

the president should find a way to put an end to this MADNESS! Who would've thunk, IT COSTS MORE TO FILL UP YOUR GAS TANK, THEN TO BUY GROCERIES FOR A SINGLE PERSON FOR 1 DAY!

at those who support the elian case. this child belongs to his father, not his sick relatives in the usa ... another opinion from egypt.

no one believes that i treat every one good and expect nothing in return. they think i am doing it for something in return. i am doing it because sometimes i know better and i must give help or advice, but what i get back is hurt.

that person is an idiot who doesn't like red for this website, the point is to show your anger with the color red. don't you understand that, you idiot!

you are angry. The color of this website is atrocious. Didn't anyone ever tell you red is an angry color. It just isn't polite to display your stupidity!

yes STUPID PEOPLE BREED all the time & it's going to get even more out of hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the future ...


Nobody feels sorry for you! Everybody in this life is meant to be taken for granted. GET OVER IT !! Everyone is virtually responsible for their own actions.

no matter what I do, whether right or wrong, everyone has an opinion, a comment, or a bitch! just because I am a female doesn't mean I have balls and a mind of my own. Please keep irritating me, because you will all soon discover, you're only making me stronger!

the world is angry. Poor Elian, don't take all your frustrations out on this poor innocent, little child. Someday he'll grow up, realize how his mother sacrificed her life for him, and he'll hate his father, just like a typical American Dysfunctional Family.

my wretched husband is totally useless!

men are pigs. If they didn't think only with their dicks all the time, then maybe the world would be a much better place. Take your sperm and all of your sexual thoughts and desires and stick them up your asses.

my balls are ... pain. I need to release my sperm in her warm box right now!!!!!!!

oh give me a home where the losers, pigs, rejects, hopeless imbeciles, traffic jams, sorry excuses for human beings, mental nutcases (MEN) and drug dealers don't roam.

things never work.

college students should be mature and intelligent enough to JUST SAY NO to Drugs.

... of the way that great criminal class in Washington (Congress) is robbing us blind, betraying our Constitution and imposing a radical liberal, ungodly, socialist system in our country. I'm sick and tired of the blood-sucking leaches and politicians of both major political parties.

SUPERVISOR'S SUCK!!!!! Did someone tell you I have no sense of direction of my own? Please don't patronize me. You somehow make my job completely more difficult. Did anyone ever tell you I don't work any harder when you stand over my shoulder and yell obscenties at me?

I'm too much of a coward to leave my current living situation!

if I only had a brain, maybe I wouldn't get stuck working for these total retards with no intention but to use me unconditionally. Then in the end throw me out to the curb with last weeks trash. I have more inteligence than that.

I'm young, very intelligent, make lots of money, very attractive, very nice body, very spiritual, very fun, and VERY, VERY, VERY LONELY.

My deadlines are too tight to do anything but mediocre work.

he didn't return my email.

My eyesight is deteriorating rapidly and I can't see the things that really mean a lot to me.

i am mad at men who lead you on for months and you find out the asshole has a girlfriend.

I can't stand my mother-in-law. I can't forget the things she did to me. I want to get rid of her from my mind.

I don't know, I am just angry – dammitt!

Doesn't anyone follow a code of morals or self decency or self-respect anymore? Every time I turn around I am punished for every one else's stupidity. Whew, no wonder so many teenagers grow up totally confused, girls believe having a child as a teenager as is going to solve all of their problems, but here I am looking at these girls and I have to wonder why do these immature children continue to destroy their futures and everyone continues to accept their little mistakes.

I'm angry cause people still think Christopher Columbus discovered america ...

life is too short!

Because i have lots of problems, i hate my life, i'm not happy in my family, the guy i like doesnt like me, everything is always the same ...

my mother does not understand me.

My boyfriend (soon to be ex) lies to me.

I do not exactly know why I get SO MAD sometimes at little things and have no patience what so ever. I cry sometimes at the drop of a hat ...

my mother-in-law came to help me after giving birth to my baby, but instead she created trouble and tried to break our marriage apart. It didn't work.

My husband, finally after a week, came to see my son and then only stayed for an hour. How selfish of him.

My birth mother is the coldest person in the world and so full of pain herself, that she inflicts it on her birthchildren. I can't change her, that is why I am angry and I am having a hard time letting it go. I think about her (what wasted energy) instead of thinking of my own Mom who loves me so much.

I can't piss with out the help of my son.

CANADA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Prime Minister is a fucking embarrassment to the continent, we have higher taxes than anyone in the world, and people here are so fuckin polite all they say is, "yea, it's pretty bad..." I agree, BLAME CANADA!!!!!

My teenager acts like a flippin retard around his friends.

my husband left me today.

The world places too much emphasis on youth. Older is not considered beautiful any more, and I'm sick and tired of it. Even men get old, but they are considered 'distinguished'. A real woman is a woman who KNOWS what she wants, likes, desires ... a little girls doesn't even know how to do it, much less to make it feel good. (thank you for letting me vent!)

I'm sick of disingenuous, cowardly, passive-aggressive, manipulators who dump all over people, but won't take responsibility for their words and actions.

my husband acts like more of a child than my 2 year old.

... time is a lie, love is an illusion, trust is never enough, words are cheap like talk is ... and money makes the world goes round when the poor would not taste the rich irony without losing their faith in creation, the middle-class losing their minds in endless games on earth. And the rich spilling blood on the fields of glory.

People pretend to be too good to express a "negative" emotion like anger. Humans don't get angry, but we destroy everything around us.

Hollywood churns out cheesy sci-fi with corny endings like "Mission to Mars."

In the past I have had such low self esteem and done anything to have people like me. Now I have enough recovery, I am resenting how people treat me now and what I think they expect of me and I AM SO ANGRY. I just don't know what to do with my feelings. So I shove them further and further down that my gut hurts all the time. I don't want to be around people at all anymore. Yet, I am in a service-type position and I have to wait on people. I want to retire, but am told I can't afford it. Could it be that I am self-loathing yet? Just stay out of my way!!! I am afraid to say to others what I need to take care of myself.

Just because someone tells you that they have your best interests at heart doesn't make it true. Sometimes they are just using you. When you figure that part out it sucks.

There are people in the world who think it's perfectly acceptable to look down their noses at folks who are in touch and comfortable enough with "their feelings" to discuss them in an open forum and also to the providers of said forum. They then insist on making themselves feel really self-important by summing up their condescendance with a trite metaphor and a tired quote from Shakespeare.

I lost trust in a person I love.

There are only 3 people in the world that really know how to drive and I am one of them.

Some people think that they can get over on others, i.e.: not being honest, giving explanations that are confusing, allowing others to do "their" work for them.

i cant get a job becuz im black.

Every time i eat a frosty at Wendy's, my lips bleed because the spoon is too sharp around the edges and too deep too.

You fucking shouldn't edit this shit. What are you fucking unamerican or some shit? Fuck you.

Because people sux and most of 'em are a bunch of f'n liars.

My life is too complicated. needs to be more relaxing. always worry about everyone else instead of myself. right now too confused about too many things.

My anger must be important because a web site is dedicated to angry people. Is this a pathetic attempt to make money ("Be a sponsor") by exploiting the narcissistic or unevolved relationship people have with "their feelings". You, and your anticipated audience, confuse swimming in your belly buttons with swimming in the ocean of life. "Life is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing". (Shakespeare)

Computers Suck.

Everyone in Germany smokes, yuk!!

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